Release Notes: Improvements to Tout Integrations

Since our last update around product speed, we’ve made a serious of improvements across Tout and our integrations with platforms like Gmail, Outlook and Salesforce.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve resolved:

Gmail Specific Issues:

  • Additional logging for an issue where Gmail drafts are lost

Outlook Specific Issues:

  • Inconsistency with the Live Feed loading
  • Memory issues

Salesforce Specific Issues:

  • Using Push to Tout in Salesforce wasn’t working consistently for some customers

Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know. Thanks for your feedback!

Release Notes: Reply Tracking and Delivery Updates

This week, we’re happy to tell you about several improvements we’ve made to Tout – spanning from tracking Out of Office replies to updating you when your email has been Bounced or ended up in Spam.

New UI for Spam/Bounced Emails
  • Tout now bubbles up emails marked as Spam, in addition to bounced emails and delivered emails
    • Spam emails will be flagged with this icon: spam_icon2
    • Bounced emails will be flagged with this icon: bounced_icon2
  • Under the “Failed Deliveries” folder in the Conversations tab, you’ll see Spam and Bounced as filters
  • Tout bubbles up why an email was Bounced or marked as Spam Only IF it was reported
Out of Office Replies
  • For users that have a Gmail integration, Tout reply tracking technology will now capture Out of Office Replies (OOO) and bubble that up in the Live Feed and in the sent folder
    • OOO Replies will be flagged with this icon: Door_exit_with_arrow_to_the_right_16
    • These do not count as a true “reply” in Tout (and won’t affect your drip campaigns being turned off)
  • If a recipient views the email/engages otherwise after they’re back in the office Tout will reflect that

Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know.

Release Notes: Push to Tout Enhancements

This week, we’re happy to tell you about a few improvements we’ve made to Tout, outside of brand new collaboration feature, Sales Beat. You can learn more about how Sales Beat drives sales collaboration, here.

As for additional improvements, we’ve updated the following:

  1. We have identified and fixed several edge cases with our Push to Tout functionality within Salesforce (which allows you to quickly import leads and contacts from SF to Tout in just three clicks)
  2. We have also identified and fixed several edge cases with scheduled emails in Gmail

Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know, here.

3 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Sales Inbox Congestion

How much would you pay to get to inbox zero?

This much?

If you’re a salesperson, you probably have two major stresses in your workday. One, hitting.that.quota. And two, managing your never-ending inbox.

Inbox congestion is one of the most stressful parts about managing your sales pipeline. Starring an email or marking it as unread just isn’t enough. When you have 10 starred emails, and 20 unread, it still looks messy and overwhelming.

Here are 3 simple tricks that can help change your daily email workflow:

1. Simply, change your Gmail Settings

No really, this simple trick will rock your world (and I too just found out about it).

How it works: Your inbox will be categorized into three categories. Easily see which emails you haven’t read, which ones you’ve starred and need to pay attention to, and lastly, the rest of your inbox you need to work through.

When to use: This is helpful because you can quickly see new emails, and then file them appropriately. It stops your inbox from building up throughout the day.

2. ToutApp Reminders

This is the perfect trick to help you clear emails you’ve already read, but want to keep fresh in your mind.

When to use: When you want to remember to email a prospect at a certain time. (Forget setting calendar reminders or adding it to your task list; this is the easier way.)

How it works: Set a reminder on an email you need to write, and it will appear at the top of your inbox at a scheduled time. I know that many of us keep our inboxes as a task list; this diminishes the need to do that. When you’re writing to a prospect, set a reminder in that moment and hit Tout It! You’ll be reminded to email that important person again, and be able to archive or file away the email in your inbox. Easy peasy.

3. Don’t FEAR the Archive button!

I know, I know, but what if you need that email for later? How will you remember to write your prospect back? (eh-hem…see #2).

How it works: Archiving does not mean deleting. Period. It simply stores your information outside of your daily inbox. Simply search for any email you need, like: “Prospect XYZ meeting” and it will pop right up. I recently got accustomed to archiving the heck out of my inbox, and now I can’t stop.

When to use: When you’ve finished correspondence with your leads or customers, and do not need them top of mind at that moment. Hit the the archive button. Also, if you have an email that’s over 30 days old, Archive it or set a reminder.

That’s it! 3 simple ways to make your day just a little bit better. For more inbox tips, watch our tutorial video.

If you have any sales tips/tricks you want to learn about, tell me here! 

How Tout Can Give You Back That Hour of Sleep

Dear DayLight Savings Gods,
Please give us back our hour of sleep!
Sleepfully yours,



Finding yourself in a bit of a slump after day lights savings time? Don't worry, you're not the only one.

From asking around at our office and talking with friends, I am relieved to find out that I am not the only only victim of these Daylight savings Blues.   #hashtag #needsleep

Don’t get me wrong, I love leaving the office when it is still light out. However, I'm finding that not enough coffee in the world can cure my serious case of the sleepys.

So, if you’re like me and are just needing some extra zzz’s, here are three time saving tricks you can use with ToutApp that will score you that extra hour of sleep you've been craving.


1. Throw it in a template
(cue “throw it in the bag” by Fabolous)

If you are feeling particularly sleepy or just down right tired of writing the same email over and over again, throw this email in a Tout template. Even if you're only emailing  4-5 propsects a day, you can easily use our templates to perfect your messaging and email prospects in one easy swoop.

Our {{dynamic_fields}} feature is our form of mail merge that adds that extra touch of personalization to each email you're sending off. In each of your templates, Tout is smart enought to auto-fill the desired dynamic field that is specific to each recipient your'e emailing.

The beauty of Tout templates is that they'll be there forever. Who knows when you'll be in a similar selling situation and you're looking to use that same email strategy? On that tired Monday, you'll be thanking your lucky stars you already have a template to send. Get your template on! 

2. Niko

Niko? What's a Niko?

Niko is one of our newest feature that bridges the gap between browsing the web and Salesforce. Have you ever scouted LinkedIn for a potential prospect and found a winner? Instead of manually copying information, opening a new tab to SFDC, and creating a lead….CLICK NIKO!

As you browse the web, Toutapp will pull in these respective email addresses and allow you to easily add this contact into Salesforce.

Niko's a great tool to utilize from either Gmail or Linkedin, without ever having to page back and forth from Salesforce.

Niko in Gmail:

Niko allows you to take the deals you're already in communication with, and easily log them as an activity in Salesforce.

If this recipient is already a lead in Salesforce, Niko will change this lead into an opportunity without ever having to leave your Gmail screen!

Niko in Linkedin:

Niko is a great tool for prospecting potential leads as you browse their LinkedIn profiles.

Find a prospect that peaks your interest? Use Niko to easily add this prospect as a lead in Salesforce. Can't acces an email address? Use SalesLoft.

Niko is designed to eliminate the extra clicks it takes to add a contact into Salesforce or update your records.

In one easy click you can update your Salesforce activity instantaneously!

3. Sleepiness Makes you Forgetful, Use Reminders

It’s a scientific fact- sleepiness makes you forgetful. Although this blurb was taken from WebMD (yes, WebMD), this fact does have some scientific evidence to back it up:

“In 2009, American and French researchers determined that brain events called “sharp wave ripples” are responsible for consolidating memory… Sharp wave ripples occur mostly during the deepest levels of sleep.”

So, if you are like me and your mind has been a bit scattered this week, set a reminder. Remind yourself to remind yourself. Heck, set two reminders just to make sure that you're staying on top of your hottest leads.

This reminder will appear at the top of your Gmail inbox on the day you scheduled it for.  Let's say this prospect already responded and you no longer need to be reminded to follow up: no problem!

You can set this reminder to be triggered only if this recipient has not replied back to your email.

Go ahead and set this reminder and feel the satisfaction of checking off this reminder after you have followed up.When in doubt, schedule a reminder.

ToutApp is designed to streamline your Sales process so that you can spend more time doing the things you love.. like closing those deals (and sleeping!) So although we can't give you back that hour of sleep, ToutApp can help you gain an extra hour in your workday.


“ToutApp brings a way more effective approach to selling”

Our featured User of the Week entry comes from Andrew Wicklander, Founder of Tula Software. Every week or so, we'll profile a different user group who uses our app to improve their email productivity. If you would like to be featured in the future, you can apply here.

After using Tout for a while on our sales team, I honestly can't imagine doing this work without it.

Meet Andrew


About Tula Software

Our company makes software for independent yoga studios to help them run their businesses. We help them do things like set people up on memberships, charge credit cards at the same time each month, manage their class schedules, and track student attendances and purchases.

Why do you love ToutApp?

To be really honest, I was actually a little skeptical of Tout when I first heard about it. I mean, I understood the idea, but 'email templates' sounded kind of cold and impersonal to me.

As we learned more about Tout though, and as we put it to use, what we actually saw in practice is that Tout is a great tool to use because we want our emails to be personal.

Unlike marketing email campaign programs, Tout really let's us focus our writing on the prospective customers we're reaching out to. What it also does though is cut down on the amount of time it takes to include information that we're repeating in every email. Things such as:

  • Our features
  • Our pricing options
  • Customer testimonials
  • Etc, etc, etc.

It was a mistake to think that Tout is some sort of cold, impersonal piece of software. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Tout allows us to be efficient as we introduce ourselves to new people, while still affording our sales team the opportunity to be human and personal.

The other great thing about Tout are the reports and team-wide analytics that I can view. Because we can see which emails are the most effective, we're able to collaborate and work as a team to figure out what messaging is working and what isn't.

Sales Productivity Tools at their Finest

Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days. — Zig Ziglar

You're a salesperson. You have 24 hours. 24 hours to work towards closing another deal, pushing another opportunity down the pipeline and nurturing your 50 to 100 opportunities while mananging to keep this workflow productive and streamlined in the meantime. How are you spending those 24 hours? Are you using that time effectively? You're shooting off emails left and right, calling over 100 prospects a day. Do you know if your messaging is resonating? Or if you are even calling these prospects at the appropriate hour? Do you even have a process? Does your current process allow you to be successful?

Holy guacamole.

That's a lot to take in. But, just as the legend stated it himself, lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. So, which direction do we need to take in sales? What do we need in order to sell effectively? The answer is simple. Sales Tools, my friend. You need to be leveraging sales tools. Why? In order to effectively and productively prospect, build relationships, keep track of follow up and close more deals – you are going to need that extra leverage. 

You want to be successful in sales? Listen up and start taking advantage of the following sales tools that are changing the game.

Find prospects with LinkedIn.

Start expanding and use your LinkedIn network to get those introductions and leverage those gosh darn common connections. LinkedIn is going to help make finding and attracting prospects a cinch, help learn about their levels of expertise and experience and what they need. For more tips and tricks around how to make LinkedIn your secret weapon check out How to Build a Kickass Sales Pipeline.

Engage Prospects with Twitter.

Find out what your prospect is up to on a personal and professional level and use social selling to reel them in. And why not engage them in a conversation over Twitter? For awesome best practices on how to do this check out How to Use Twitter for Sales Prospecting. 

Stay up to date and in the know with Google Alerts.

These alerts are great for staying up to date on your leads and prospects company or industry. Google will email you daily or weekly updates by the latest relevant google news on the web. Test this out and use this valuable information to reach out to your prospect – they will be impressed you are in the know and care about their company. 

Keep Track of everything with Salesforce.

Salesforce is one helpful beast that helps you manage everyone and everthing from customers to sales opportunities and product support to reporting. Salesforce keeps everything up to date in one place and helps you to remember the important things about people and tasks that you would normally forget. Check out how more Salesforce Best Practices here.

Get them on the phone with Time Trade.

Whether it's a demonstration, team training or prodcit informational call, Time Trade helps your prospects create online appointment from your schedule. It connects with your Outlook, iCal and even Google Calendar – so no worries around double booking. Just email your scheduling link to your prospect and let them book the appointment. Makes it super easy for them and you. 

Follow up and close the deal with ToutApp.

It wouldn't be a complete list without the leading sales communications solution available today. Tout helps your sales reps process leads faster, land more meetings and inherently close more deals. How? Tout plugs in to your day to day sales process streamlining it with templates, tracking and analytics. 

Everyone is trying to find that “new sales productivity-time-managment application” that will increase their productivity to the max. Well, let's face it. There is no one application that can do it all. But the tools above have been a game changer for so many and they tool can help you stay on track in your day to day sales workflow. 

What are you waiting for? Start leveraging these puppies. 

ToutApp + Highrise = Email Bliss

When people ask us for a simple CRM solution, we always recommend Highrise. Highrise is a simple CRM that helps you manage your contacts and helps you to remember the important things about the people you would normally forget. 

I wouldn't be where I am today without ToutApp, and the integration with Highrise. — Matt Rae, Tripzaar Inc.

Before the days of Highrise, managing and tracking your customers was no fun. Lacking visibility into your sales team's activity, your customer data was all over the place on sticky notes and reporting and analysis was painful. Highrise changed the game with visibility and collaboartion across your sales team and the ability to have reporting around progression. Essentially, Highrise helps manage your contacts, keep track of who said what when, schedule follow-ups, set reminders and convert leads into done deals. 

Now before the days of ToutApp, your emails would fall into a black abyss. Lacking visibility into exactly what is happening to your emails after you hit send and lacking knowledge of whether your messaging resonated with your prospect or even was effective at all. ToutApp plugs right into your day to day workflow and helps streamline and crystalize your communications process with real time tracking, powerful templates and analytics around the emails you are sending. Lastly, ToutApp bridges the gap between your email and your CRM.

ToutApp has been a fantastic sales tool to monitor who has and hasn't opened my personal emails and clicked on the links, this helps me see who is more engaged with what I am saying and who to keep in contact with. It also saves me time copying my emails to Highrise, ToutApp does it for me. Very useful, highly recommended. — Nick Storr, Sales Manager at Connected

ToutApp + Highrise

Now, combined the two and bam…something magical happens. Mergence of the two = pure email bliss. Giving you the ability to send trackable emails from within your Highrise and get reporting around those emails. Imagine the effectiveness and time saving capabilties here.

You want to know more you say?

ToutApp will automagically update every single email sent through ToutApp to Highrise and assign it to the proper contact. You honestly will never have to worry about copying your CRM's BCC address again, because Tout will always take care of that for you.

Beautiful, we know. Beyond copying all your emails, Tout will bring a whole new level of data to your CRM that will truly help you understand the interaction with your contact, and once again make Highrise a valuable source of information that shows the value of your relationships.

Everytime your contact is viewing, clicking or has replied Tout will send a notification of the activity to Highrise.

We know how tiresome it can be having to create a new contact in your email client and your Highrise each and every time you want to send an email. ToutApp takes that pain point away in a snap. Each time you shoot off a Tout email to a recipient who is not in your Highrise, ToutApp will create a contact for that person with their name and email, and copy all associated emails to that contact. 

All done seamlessly and automatically. Don't believe us? Check out what our happy  ToutApp and Highrise users are saying… 

ToutApp's integration with Highrise makes me life much easier! I can see when my contacts open and read an email and what better time to reach back out and engage with them than right after that! — Callie Harris, Public Relations Manager at

ToutApp with Highrise is magically efficient! You haven't seen efficiency until you have used ToutApp with Highrise. — Matt Rae, Tripzaar

If you want to scale the way you track your leads and customers to stay competitive and close more deals start Touting… in Highrise of course. Of course, for those of you who something even simplier than Highrise there's the ToutApp Lab Spreadsheet CRM.


“ToutApp gives me complete visibility into every single email I send”

Our featured User of the Week entry comes from Max Altschuler, VP of Business Development at AttorneyFee. Every week or so, we'll profile a different user who uses our platform to improve their email productivity. If you would like to be featured in the future, you can apply here


I'm the VP of Business Development at AttorneyFee. We are a consumer legal startup aiming to help connect consumers with legal issues to credible attorneys in their area. On the Business Development side, we are constantly trying to find new partners that will drive consumers in need, to our platform. There are tons of potential partners in this space and is becoming very exciting.

Where does Tout fit?

I have been able to use Tout at two different business. At one, I was sending thousands of emails over the course of the week. At the other, I was sending twenty to fifty emails throughout the week, however a lot more personalized. Tout streamlined my process at both businesses and has made really easy for me to connect with more and more people. I can see what is working and what is not. ToutApp gives me complete visibility into every single email that I send off.

ToutApp has been a huge help to track and optimize our emails.

Why do you love ToutApp?

ToutApp allows me to stay organized and connect with partners in a timely manner. I can track everything that goes on between my outbox and someone else's inbox. This gives me the transparency I need to trigger follow up emails. It also acts as a very lightweight relationship management tool that I can use straight from Gmail. This is exactly what I need for a job that requires fewer overall connections but more depth to each one.

What is one unique trick you use with ToutApp?

ToutApp allows me to take the next step of action and hit call from the Live Feed. So, if I notice someone is viewing my email, I take that as an opportunity to call them straight from the Live Feed. It's a great little trick to get people on the phone. Especially, as they are looking over what you had sent them. 

I can attribute a lot of success to getting new customers and clients because of ToutApp.

For more tips and tricks for how to best use Tout, check out our Sales 101 page.

My Best Sales Hack

I recently was on a screen share and saw an inbox on the other end of the screen that was immaculately organized! I was actually suprised and a tad bit jealous to see such a clean looking inbox to be honest. If you're an avid emailer you probably understand my pain of owning a mess of an inbox. Working at ToutApp I've become completely email obsessed, so of course this discovery of a poster child for a perfect inbox got me pretty excited. 

Here is how I came to love Gmail's multiple inboxes. 

The Problem

I live and breathe email (and a lot of Salesforce) so Gmail for me is where I spend a lot of my time. The big problem was my Gmail inbox looked like a Rubix Cube before it was solved — a complete jumble. 

The bigger problem was the important email responses from hot leads that were getting buried in my inbox. 

Writing sales emails and follow ups with the goal in mind to get a reply is always at the top on my mind. With ToutApp I've been able to hone my messaging to identify what email messaging and follow up typically generate replies.

Too many replies is a good problem to have, but a messy inbox makes it difficult to prioritize and manage following up efficiently. I needed to find a way to make it easy to identify the most important email replies in my inbox. 

The Solution 

Multiple inboxes. Beyond just the ability to organize your read, unread and starred emails, I discovered creating filters was the best way to keep important replies easy to identify in my inbox.

If you're not feeling my excitement just yet, here's how I've put this solution into play.

New ToutApp users are typically put on a 5X5 drip. This is made easy with templates and auto-follow up. One of my inboxes filters only replies from new ToutApp users on the drip.

My most important inbox filters what I deem to be important replies. I've named this inbox “big deals” Example: I send over an email to set up some time to chat with a decision maker connected to a “big deal” I've followed up a handful of times and receive a one-liner “10am Wednesday”.

How to get started?

  1. Head on over to Gmail Settings. Go to labs and enable multiple inboxes. 
  2. You should now have a “multiple inboxes tab”. Once you click on the tab you'll see the option to create different searches.
  3. Create your search queries. This is the key to organizing your inbox. Example: subject:(re:type in your subject line)in:inbox
  4. Rearrange. Choose the positioning of your new inboxes.
  5. Lastly, enjoy your new organized inbox!

Take your game to the next level, learn more tips to streamline your email process with email tracking for Outlook and Gmail, analytics and templates. Check out ToutApp or sign up for a free trial.