How to create a sales drip campaign


So you've got your new leads for the day. They're sales ready, nurtured and primed by marketing, and you're ready to reach out to them and introduce yourself. Now if you're doing things the old fashioned way (a.k.a. not using Tout), you'll probably pull up their information on the CRM, click through to their email, start copying and pasting some email, wait stop… its too painful, I'm not even going to describe the rest of this process. Let's just assume for the sake of this blog entry that you're already using Tout to send out your initial outreach. What next?

As we've talked about many times before, people's inboxes move just as fast as their Twitter feeds these days. That one initial email rarely gets the response you need or the content your lead needs to make a connection. Enter: simple, easy, sales drip campaigns. 

B2B Lead Nurturing Campaigns with Tout

With Tout's auto-followup feature, you can configure your email templates to automatically follow up with another email after X days. This makes it incredibly easy to follow up in your initial outreach without lifting a single finger.

With Tout's auto-followup drip campaigns for your sales process and B2B lead nurturing, you'll be able to easily configure a series of email templates with dynamic fields, personalization and even file attachments in our template manager, and then create a simple follow up campaign in just a few clicks.

Your First Campaign

To create a campaign, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into your Tout account
  2. Go to the Templates tab
  3. Create a new category for your campaign
  4. Create your series of emails with templates, feel free to attach files, auto-cc your virtual assistant, etc
  5. Finally, send off your first email

Monitoring Engagement

As Tout goes to work to nurture your leads, you can monitor your leads right from the Live Feed and see exactly who is engaging with your content. Tout even makes it easy to make a phone call as a quick next step.


Managing Your Campaign

Once you send off the initial email, Tout will automatically go to work for you. Not only will each of the campaign emails be tracked for engagement and shown on your live feed, you'll also be able to easily see who is getting an email when in your scheduled emails view in Tout's email tab. You'll be in complete control of the campaign and can turn it off at any point.

Pro-Tip #1: Don't forget about CAN-SPAM

Tout is a really smart email platform for salespeople. But as a responsible emailer, you still have to adhere to CAN-SPAM laws. So make sure the people you're emailing are actually expecting to hear from you and that if you're sending a long series of followups you use Tout's {{unsubscribe_link}} or {{friendly_unsubscribe}} so people don't feel like they are being pestered by your emails.


Pro-Tip #2: Don't forget to deliver value

While working with Tout customers, I've seen my share of great, good and terrible drip campaigns. The core principle I always tell people to adhere to is to remember to deliver value on every single email. Meaning, don't just say “Hey, can we chat?” — say “Did you know that [insert insightful idea/statistic/piece of knowledge] here.” Your leads will get value, they'll engage and it'll be win-win. 

In Conclusion

Drip Campaigns are a powerful way to deal with a large number of leads. The best part of all this is you don't have to do much work. Just let Tout do the work for you, and keep an eye on your Live Feed. As soon as you see engagement, hit that Call button.