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Apr 30, 2014, by Brittany Allyn, Happiness Officer

Whether you use Gmail or Outlook, we have an amazing Calendar function that allows you to set up a meeting time in just 3 clicks!

You've experienced it all too well. You get a meeting request, visit your calendar for open times, email a few options, only to hear back that none of them work. Back to the drawing board in your calendar, and a handful of emails later...

We know setting up just one meeting can be time-consuming and annoying! There's usually many back-and-forth emails exchanged to pick a final date and time. Here's a refresher on how to use our Calendar Function to take that pain away:

1. Outlook

Step 1: Hit the "Calendar" button in the upper right corner
Step 2: Click and select open times in your schedule
Step 3: Hit "Insert Times into Email" in upper right corner
Step 4: Available meeting times are automatically inserted into your email! 

2. Gmail

Step 1: Click the Calendar Tab

Setting up a meeting

Step 2: Select your open times and hit the "Insert Times into Email" located in the upper right corner

Setting up a meeting

Step 3: Ta-da! Your available meeting times are automatically inserted into your email

Setting up a meeting


Last step? TOUT it! :) 

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