What I’ve Learned From Being in Sales

We’ve built a culture of salespeople here at ToutApp, where every employee contributes in some way to closing a deal. The bottom line is everyone is selling something.

Back in January was the season of SKOs. Endless potential was the mission our team set for themselves at our Sales Kickoff. With this theme, I believe anyone can sell or close a deal.

What makes someone great at selling?

Be Fearless and Direct

If you want a deal to close this month, ask for what you want. Don’t be afraid. For me, fear was the biggest barrier I had to break through.

My big ah-ha moment was the last day of the month and I had to ask a decision maker, “Can we get this signed today?” The answer I got was a “yes.”

When I started applying a “Be Fearless” mentality to my sales process, I cut through the unknown clutter faster and closed more deals. My advice: start asking for what you want, whether it is an introduction to a decision maker or a straightforward “Is there any reason why you won’t move forward this month?”

Get Scrappy

One of my biggest learnings was do what it takes to close the deal. When I was on a two-person sales team, our resources were limited. So, we did it ourselves. Need a competitive comparison? We created one. Need a sales deck? We created one.

Don’t just wait for the resources to come to you or go through the motions. Scrappiness is where you start thinking outside of the box or your comfort zone.

Think Proactively

As soon as you’re flying through the sales process with ease on your way to a close, ask yourself or a teammate “What am I missing here?” Be a little paranoid.

Don’t drive yourself crazy, just because you’re going through the sales process and doing all the right things–there’s always room for the unknown. For example, what’s going to happen when your decision maker goes cold turkey on you and completely dark?

I heard a quote recently, “process is your purpose, you have to have a process.” The process sets you up for success and keeps you on track. The scrappiness is everything in between the lines. For any sales team, no matter the size (from one-person to a hundred, etc.), you need to have a solid process, but you also need to be scrappy.

Do it for the Customer

Salespeople are motivated by different things. I love the feeling of a win, but the greatest part is bringing a team onboard and knowing ToutApp is going to add tremendous value to their sales team.

My advice: Don’t get wrapped up in an end number. Focus on the customer. Do I know their business, true goals, priorities, the politics and the people? The sales process isn’t a one-way street with you speeding forward. It has to be a two-way street where you and the customer are moving forward, together, with a destination (to close) in mind.

In Conclusion

In the last month our company raised $15M in Series B funding led by Andreessen Horowitz, our sales team rang the gong daily and our Customer Success team closed renewals to contribute our 150% renewal rate.

Whether you’re the top performing AE feeling stuck in a deal, an SDR on your 17th call trying to book a meeting, a Customer Success Manager working on a renewal or a recent graduate just starting a career selling something – be fearless and direct, get scrappy, think proactively and do it for the customer.

5 Ways to Prevent SDR Burnout

Every SDR knows the feeling. It’s getting towards the end of the month, your quota is hanging over your head, and frustration can start to kick in. SDR Burnout is kicking in. Here are the top five tips on how to avoid it:

Celebrate Small Wins

You’re in a slump. Maybe you had a great week previously, but with no change to your normal outreach it feels like your emails and calls this week are being tossed into the black abyss. While booking a meeting is the end goal, it’s important to count the small successes that occur along the way.

  • Did a prospect finally open a fourth or fifth email of yours after never having viewed one of your earlier ones? Sweet!
  • Did you get a “no,” but they gave you the name of someone else who might be closer to the decision maker? Awesome! You’re a small step closer to your meeting.

When you place value on the small successes during the day, it’s much easier to break up the slump feeling,  giving you more confidence on the phone and drive in your email outreach.

Capitalize on Prospecting Momentum

After settling into the SDR role, it’s easy to get accustomed to a normal cadence of outreach.  As an example:

Day 1 – Call, Send Email

Day 3 – No voicemail, Send Email

Day 7 – Call, Send Email

And so on…

If you have a territory of 100+ accounts, it’s easy to forget the fact that these are actual people behind the Salesforce tasks. If a prospect is viewing your email and clicking on a piece of content you sent them, give them a call or send a follow up! Don’t stick to your cadence just because you’ve found it to be the best way to cover your territory. Momentum is important to capitalize on, and it’s easy for a prospect that may be interested one day to lose interest or priority the next.

Actively Build Team Culture

While the SDR manager is tasked with building the most successful SDR team possible, it’s up to the actual SDRs to build that team element into the culture. Our entire Tout SDR team hangs out outside of work – Tahoe trips, bar nights, concerts, and soon to be Stagecoach. Because we all bought into the team element, not only are we more successful (as we share tips and best practices across the group), but we have more fun! It makes it much easier to deflect the inevitable rejection when you’re surrounded by a supportive group of people that are in the trenches with you (shout out Vince, Nicolette, and Belinda).

Don’t Take Rejection Personally

This one is said all the time, but it’s super important and worth repeating. Remember that when a prospect says “no,” they aren’t saying no to you personally, they are saying no to the product, the company or any other number of things.

I think one of the greatest factors in SDR burnout is that people can’t handle the rejection aspect. I read about a team that uses the number rejections as one of their performance metrics for new SDRs. While we don’t use that at Tout, it’s a pretty novel idea as it stops making rejection personal for newer members of the team.

Have fun with your prospecting outreach

At least once a day, I hear one of our SDRs laughing about a new template they just made or a response they came up with. There is plenty of room in prospecting to inject humor, and if done tastefully, it can be really effective. If you’re bored with the messaging you’re sending out, change it up! Check out Giphy for some awesome images to add to your emails, and let us know if you’ve found some great ones!

Storytelling for Salespeople

Last Thursday, I took a Storytelling class at General Assembly taught by Andy Raskin, an advisor and acting CMO for B2B startups. After the class, I walked away and learned an invaluable lesson: storytelling isn’t just for content marketers, company Execs pitching to VCs for funding or company about pages.

Storytelling is for everyone. And especially, storytelling is for salespeople.

As a salesperson, you know more about storytelling than you think. It’s ingrained in what you do every day. Every prospecting call, inbound lead call, discovery call or product demo has a story to it.

If you want to gain a competitive advantage in your sales conversations and overall sales pitch–get ready to roll up your sleeves, find a pen and a piece of paper and define your sales story.

Define Your Sales Story

The most important Sales story is your company’s product story. In order to create your company’s sales story, put yourself in the mindset of the hero, or your customer. He wants to save the day, but how does he go about doing just that?

Let’s take us for example, our story is made very clear on our front page:

The hero or our customer wants to close more deals. How does he do that?

He uses Tout’s Sales Tracking, Templates and Analytics, put the most powerful sales acceleration platform to work for you and your team.

Suddenly, he closes more deals.

So, to define your company’s sales story, think about it as three questions:

  1. Who is the hero?
  2. What is the obstacle that the hero is trying to overcome?
  3. How does the hero overcome those obstacles?

Everyone loves a good hero story. Let your product be the hero in every sales story.

The Inciting Incident

Of the many things that I learned in Andy Raskin’s master Storytelling class was the inciting incident.

The inciting incident is a plot device tactic taken from screenwriting, but, as I learned can be applied to all types of storytelling from Taken 3 to your sales calls.

According to Scribe Meets World, a screenwriting how-to website, the definition of the plot tactic is:

Inciting comes from the Latin word incitare which means “to put into rapid motion, urge, encourage, and stimulate.” And that’s exactly what your inciting incident is: it’s an event that catalyzes your hero to “go into motion” and take action.

Sales world translation: your prospect is looking for a solution to their problem and your product could be the answer. That’s the inciting incident.

Need further proof, here’s a few examples of sales inciting incidents:

  • The Entelo Customer Success and Sales teams needed a tool that gave them measurable results that are crucial to understanding their interactions with their customers and prospects. (Read the conclusion to their story here.)
  • The Golden State Warriors Outside Sales team needed a tool to measure a prospect’s engagement level via email alone and wanted to move prospects along in the sales process. (Read the conclusion to their story here.)

So, after the inciting incident, what are the next steps?

Ask yourself this: What kind of future does your customer want?

Does he want a future that’s productive and flourishing? Or does he want a future that’s the same drudgery that they’re currently in?

When you’re on your sales calls, think about these questions and steer the story in the right direction (and hint, the right direction is your direction.).

Your Call to Action

We’ve talked about defining your sales story and the inciting incident, now let’s talk about your sales call to action.

Whether it’s through your company’s brand messaging, your outbound prospecting calls, daily sales calls or renewal conversations–it’s important to present your product as the vision of the future that’s just too attractive to deny.

Your product is the great. Now, turn it into a story and an immediate call to action that your customer cannot deny.

And when the hero buys your product, be sure to to be there by their side–whether it’s through a Customer Success Manager or a Twitter Retweet–make sure you’re always there to writing a good sales story.

So, what’s your story?

426 Days as an SDR

“Do you have a quick minute?” Mike asked.

“No, I don’t. I’m about to run into a meeting. But… why are you calling?” Steve inquired.

“I just sent you an email about three HR communication challenges in health system’s like yours,” Mike replied.

“I did see that email – it caught my attention due to an organizational change we need to communicate.” Steve responded.

Before heading out to lunch, Mike Fidler sent an email with the subject line “Top 3 HR Communication Challenges Within the Healthcare Industry” to hundreds of HR leaders in the healthcare industry. Upon his return, Mike checked his Live Feed. Steve, an employee benefits director, had opened the email.

Steve not only opened the email, he clicked on a link in the email and forwarded it along to several colleagues. From this invaluable insight, Mike knew to call.

Mike starts off every day with at least three cups of coffee and noise-canceling headphones that blasts “Levels 2” by Avicii. With caffeine pumping through his bloodstream and a list of Human Resources executives in Salesforce, he’s ready to tackle his days as a Sales Development Representative (SDR). He’s ready to call, pitch and to meet his quota of booking at least two meetings today.

As an SDR at GuideSpark, a leading company that’s transforming HR Communications from traditional and dry methods to engaging digital video and media experiences, the task of outbound prospecting can be endless.

As a sales organization, GuideSpark has a reputation in the Silicon Valley for being an outbound focused team. And even though their touted as being a leading outbound focused team, they still face the challenge that there are only X amount of calls an SDR can make in a day.

Even Mike’s 100+ calls a day won’t touch thousands of contacts consistently. That’s the challenge that the SDR team at GuideSpark welcomes everyday. For Mike, this outbound challenge is what makes being an SDR at GuideSpark so satisfying.

Mike had to adopt a strategy. It’s a simple one and it works: be personal with prospects, be ready to boil down your sales pitch into twenty seconds and find a way to stay in front of thousands of people.

He developed a simplified outbound prospecting strategy that was twofold:

  1. Define the buyer persona of his targeted prospects and
  2. Figure out the best way to conduct outreach to those prospects.

Outside of 100+ calls a day, Mike created specific email templates with ToutApp about GuideSpark’s solution which made it easier to send out emails to many contacts throughout the week.

However, six months into the SDR role, Mike knew he could do better at scaling his outreach efforts to consistently reach his prospects, in a way that’s more creatively tailored to each prospect by using ToutApp more effectively. He wanted to do a kick-ass job.

“At the time, I had a territory that had over 1,000 enterprise accounts with over 10,000 contacts. I was trying to wrap my head around how to break down that number,” said Mike.

His biggest challenge: how to reach them all, without emailing the same repetitive message about XYZ company’s solution.

There had to be a more effective way.

He began reading the influential sales book The Challenger Sale and learned about how to lead messaging with industry insight that educates prospects, and reframes the way they think about their business. He wanted not only to address the challenges that his prospects were facing, but he wanted to leverage the opportunity to educate prospects on the value of GuideSpark.

It clicked at a dinner one night in Santana Row in San Jose, CA, when Mike learned about the 5×5 Method from Andrew Riesenfeld, his new Vice President of West Coast Sales at GuideSpark and Daniel Barber, the Director of Sales and Development at ToutApp.

Mike knew that with outbound prospecting, it takes an average of seven emails and calls just to get a response from a prospect. Multiply that process by thousands of prospects—that’s a lot of emails, calls and voicemails.

The 5×5 Method streamlines this process. It functions as a Sales Drip Campaign with five email touches spaced out between five days, weeks or months. That way, a sales rep can keep in touch via email with a prospect consistently.

Immediately sold on the method, Mike said, “For the next few weeks, I was working on creating multiple templates that could be tailored by ToutApp’s dynamic fields to address different buyers goals, problems and needs. I worked out best practices on how to organize my 10,000+ contacts into profiled groups and get them into a 5×5 campaign.”

He created a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet that planned his outreach to these different groups of prospects within ToutApp, down to the group, email, and day. Each buyer persona had a specific, correlating 5×5 campaign based on their goals, problems and needs (or GPN’s).

The first email had the subject line, “3 Top HR Communication Challenges in the {{Dynamic Field}} Industry”

The second email, sent out eight day later was

Subject: “Mobile Phones… Employee Distraction or HR Communication tool?”

Body Excerpt: “People check their phones 150 times a day on average at work. Most managers view this as a distraction. Your peers at {{Company A, B, C}} view it as a way to communicate with and engage employees on their own terms.”

The entire SDR and Sales team at GuideSpark found that sending GuideSpark specific information in every email wasn’t the best way to connect with prospects. Instead, the company found that sending out pieces of valuable content with industry insight or best practices allowed for GuideSpark to be viewed as an industry thought leader – and not just another salesperson cold emailing.

Tangible and thought provoking emails are going to set your emails apart from the hundreds of other emails your prospect gets in a given day. Mike knew this. And he crafted a 5×5 campaign that was industry and role specific, and scalable across all his prospects.

A relevant, insightful and thought provoking message was why Steve opened Mike’s email.

After Mike got Steve on the phone, what initially started as a quick minute call turned into a ten minute call. The two talked about Steve’s organizational changes, changes to their health benefits programs and how tough it had been to create an internal digital communications strategy. Mike never mentioned GuideSpark. Instead, Mike was a consultant for Steve and offered insight on how to work through those company challenges.

But, one of the most valuable sales tactics that Mike learned as an SDR was boiling down his sales pitch to what will resonate with that specific person. At the very end of the call, Mike pitched GuideSpark in ten seconds based on the information Steve gave him. Mike booked a meeting with Steve.

As of today, based on his efforts as an SDR, Mike has since been promoted to an Account Executive at GuideSpark. He still practices the 5×5 method.

Thanks to  Jon Pairsi and Andrew Riesenfeld at GuideSpark at nominating Mike Fidler as a ToutApp Hero. 

The Best Sales Training I Never Knew I Needed

In preparation for this year’s Dreamforce conference, Sales Happiness Officer, Jess Green shares her reflections and lessons learned at last year’s Dreamforce. It also happened to be her very first day at ToutApp.

There are so many different sales training methods and strategies on how to ramp a new rep. I now believe I’ve experienced the best training a sales person can have Week One on the job — manning a booth at Dreamforce, or better yet, TWO booths!

Talk about jumping out of your comfort zone to allow yourself to truly grow. I experienced this first hand! I left a fantastic company that I had been very comfortable with over the past 5 ½ years. As I’m sure every person does when they start to consider a career move, I weighed my options of being “comfortable” and successful at my current company against taking a risk that could lead to even greater financial and personal success. I made the leap. And when I did, I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy not only getting my feet wet the first week but diving in headfirst and not looking back.

My first day at ToutApp was on Friday, November 15, 2013. I figured with the presence and buzz ToutApp had for the upcoming Dreamforce conference, I knew I couldn’t pass up the experience to be a part of the team as they launched into the week.

Here are the 3 best training tips I have for your 1st week, whether it’s in an office or at this year’s Dreamforce.

1. Listen, Do, Reflect, Iterate

Take in as much as you can when listening to the team around you. This really applies to everyone, everyday. You never know when you are going to hear in an interaction that changes your perspective or is an “Ah-Ha!” moment of understanding. It could become the secret sauce of your sales process!

2. You don’t have to know everything

You JUST started, put your best foot forward, be confident, and when you don’t know an answer give yourself a break. Take note of the question, promise a follow up and here’s the big one…actually follow up!

3. Build relationships

In the end isn’t that what sales is all about? If you don’t know everything about the product get to know the people you chat with and what their challenges, goals, and focus is day to day. Once you finish ramping up you can apply your new knowledge to the conversation you had previously and I’m going to bet that relationship goes a lot farther than it would have if you just spewed feature after feature at them.

All I can say is, what a week! Remember these are not only key tips for week one but remind yourself throughout your career. Good luck to all of those who are currently in transition mode, I hope this helped :)

Why you should consider a career in Sales

Last week I had a particularly exciting moment. I had to write two 5-figure commission checks for two of our top sales reps, and surprisingly a commission check for our MDR who had extra time after qualifying inbound leads and so she started closing deals. We call her Meghan “Oops I Closed a Deal” O’Donnell.

What’s the big deal? Aside from the fact that we offer a 20% uncapped rip on every $1 you bring into the company here at ToutApp, the big deal here is that two of my top reps were never in Sales before. In fact, one of them explicitly told me “I don’t want to do Sales. I don’t want to do Sales” at her job interview, and the other started as a Marketing Intern at ToutApp and I convinced her to “help out and call some customers” when we were overflowing with leads.

Duh. Sales is changing.

On one hand, I feel incredibly happy to be paying forward the value that my team delivers. In fact, it is my hope that every single person in the company earns some form of commission for value delivered to the customer, even Engineers. On the other hand, as someone that thinks deeply about where Sales and Marketing is headed (see my article on Wired for more on this), I couldn’t help stop and think about what this all means for what it means to be a “salesperson.”

The experts have been preaching on and on and on about how “sales is changing” — yes we get it, it’s all changing. The experts have also been going on and on and on about “social selling.”  I had to have Jill Rowley explain to me what “social selling” was because to me, and to most of us that haven’t sold before LinkedIn, Google, or ToutApp existed, before “Inside Sales” became a “thing” and before we had to specifically define “Consultative Selling” — quite frankly, we, us amateurs in Sales, just call all of this stuff: SELLING.

The Un-Salesperson

Anyway, I digress. The point here is that it is old news that “Sales is changing.” In fact, Sales has changed. That’s old news. It’s done. What’s new and more pressing today is that the definition of a successful salesperson is changing. I’ve been bugging Jen, one of our top sales reps, who also frequently blogs, and helps make marketing videos, to finish writing her blog post on “Sales Pros vs. Sales Bros” because I think it perfectly articulates what it actually takes these days to be successful in Sales.

Sales is definitely not this guy anymore:

And, Sales is no longer this slick clean shaven well dressed bro either:

Sales today looks more like this, normal human beings:

Salespeople today are no longer defined under a stereotype. The most successful salespeople today are not the Type-A “meat eaters,” they’re not the ones that can “sell anything, close anything, don’t give a damn.” Salespeople today could quite frankly be you, the person that hasn’t sold a day in your life, but you are a real person, an intelligent person, a humble person, a self-reflective person, a person that can communicate, a person that belives in delivering value, in solving problems, in being the best that you can be. YOU can be a salesperson.

Everybody is selling something

Truth is, at some point in our industry, salespeople started to get a really bad rep. And so with the onslaught of incredible access to information via Google, with companies like Dropbox, like Atlassian, and to a certain extent, a huge part of the valley decided “To hell with Salespeople.” Maybe it was the slick Oracle salespeople, maybe it was the used car salespeople, maybe it was both, but we all decided, we don’t want to be lied to anymore.

And yet, it looks like the pendulum swung back in the other direction. With the biggest SaaS companies showing incredible growths, their glimpse into their balance sheets show how a majority of their spend always goes toward “Sales and Marketing.” But this time around, as the pendulum swung back, Salespeople came back with a vengenance.

And the reason salespeople made a come back is because we as human beings realized that even with Google feeding us all the information we need, with all the white papers, and automated nurture campaigns, we still just wanted to talk to another human being. And when a human being talks to another, that, my friends, is when selling happens.

Whether you’re the founder of a company, or you’re a teacher at a parent teacher conference, or you’re a PR person pitching your story to a reporter, you’re selling, and you’re in sales, and you’re doing it with pride, prestige, and honor.

Your Career In Sales

And so with this new definition of a salesperson, if you’re feeling stuck in your career, or are unsure about where you fit, or are looking to take your own development, the amount of money you make, and the amount of value you deliver to the next level, YOU should consider a career in sales. Because sales has changed, and it wants you, the person that emodies the human spirit of being social, of connecting, of helping others and of thriving and building wealth for yourself and your customers. We’re hiring by the way.

If you’re interested in a career in sales, we’re building a massive army of salespeople:
Learn more about becoming a Sales Happiness Officer

The Complete Sales Communications Platform is Hiring…Salespeople

Here at ToutApp, we’re all about helping salespeople and sales managers get better at selling. So, in addition to our book and our sales school content, we also feature awesome sales jobs at companies that use our platform. If you would like your company and position to be featured in the future, you can fill out this form.

ToutApp all began by building simple software to help people communicate better. Today, we help over 45,000 customers crystalize and streamline their day-to-day communications process as one of the leading sales communications platforms. We're just getting started in leading the change in how salespeople communicate and we want you. 

Over here at ToutApp, we're building a communications platform that helps sales and business development professionals communicate faster and close more deals. 

ToutApp has been featured in numerious publications. Most recently in TechCrunch, Mashable and on Bloomberg TV. Entreprenuer Magazine featured ToutApp as Seven Essential Apps for your Sales Team. Forbes featured ToutApp as a part of A Trip of Cool PR Tools.

Day in the Life of ToutApp 

We speak with a lot of top performing sales reps to help them leverage ToutApp, so we're looking for a lot of the qualities our users have in our sales hire.

  • We want a go-getter. 
  • Looking for growth and to be challenged everyday.
  • Be able to hit the ground running.
  • Have a killer drive to exceed your quota. 
  • Have a true passion to sell. 
  • Motivated to break into new opportunities.
  • You must be motivated to sell
  • You must not be afraid to be aggressive to get your foot in the door
  • Be able to build a solid process and execute successfully.

As a ToutApp sales rep you will be meeting and working with large companies. We want someone that can take a list of fortune 500 companies, work his/her network, and literally go out there meet people, give presentations and spread ToutApp goodness into sales teams everywhere.

We're a small startup company, and our days are fun and intense. We are passionate about what we do and believe in order to be successful in our day to day functions you have to be happy and have a great positive team culture. 


We're located right downtown in San Francisco, so a pretty awesome spot to be working. Easy commute and best of all some great lunch spots nearby. On an average day you might find us at Mixt Greens, Chipotle, CPK just to name a few of our favorites or stocking up on coffee and candy. Our building, WeWork, has a lot to offer. Happy hours, yoga, monthly brunch and a whole game room. 

Let's get to know eachother

If you want to be selling for one of the most exciting companies in the SaaS, B2B, Sales space, fill out our application form and lets get to know eachother. 

Apply to Join ToutApp.

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ToutApp Sales Job of the Week: Account Representative at Dyn

Here at ToutApp, we’re all about helping salespeople and sales managers get better at selling. So, in addition to our book and our sales school content, we also feature awesome sales jobs at companies that use our platform. If you would like your company and position to be featured in the future, you can fill out this form.

This week’s awesome sales job is at Dyn.

Dyn is a worldwide Internet Infrastructure as a Service (laaS) leader,  powering Managed DNS and Email Delivery for over four million enterprise clients, small businesses and home users.


Simply put, Dyn helps run websites run faster and be more reliable, while also ensuring that transactional emails the consumers want and need reach their inboxes. We make the internet a better place. 

Dyn has been featured in numerous publications and recently named by Business Insider as one of the “25 Enterprise Startups to bet your career on.”  Founder Jeremy Hitchcock, bootstraped Dyn into the success it is today. After waiting 11 years of accepting no VC money, they recently raised a $38M Series A Round led by North Bridge. 

Our thoughts on Dyn

Dyn is a fast-growing company that has focused not only on engineering excellence, but also on rock-solid customer relationships. Similar to how ToutApp does things, it's all about the customer. If the customer doesn't walk away feeling more productive, satisfied and happy then you're doing it wrong. And Dyn gets that. Every project they work on is about their clients.They have not only an amazing product but an amazing team. Their mission: That they set forth with the expectation that each indiviual employee grabs an important seat on the bus. And you don't get that at every company

Here is how the people at Dyn describe their team culture:

Over the past few years we've heard more and more companies talk about the importance of culture in the workplace. Management is finally realizing that when you have a happy, healthy and motivated employees, the result is a superior product and experience for the customer.  


At Dyn we have a unique (geeky) culture that inspires every employee to help create, support, and share or great DNS services with our customers. 

Perks at Dyn

  • For stress management they have a number of toys around the office (arcade games, Nerf games, etc.) for people to use.
  • Dyn has a quiet room for those who just want to get away and enjoy the free chair massages.
  • If that is not enough for you, you can take advantage of Dyn's unlimited PTO when you need a break. 

Details around the Account Representative Role


In this role you will have an opportunity to work with the most interesting and influential web companies on the Internet. You will be focused on developing solutions based on technology needs by implementing strategic selling strategies. 


  • You are a customer advocate and will be responsible for incoming and outgoing sales activites. 
  • Help the most interesting web properties on the Internet navigate how to stay up and how to scale.
  • Help the company with marketing efforts, travel to visit customers, represent us at trade shows and countless other activites.


  • 4 year college degree
  • 2-5 years prior experience in sales
  • Proof of legal authority to work in U.S.
  • Strong technical or Internet backgroun
  • Previous experience at telco or ISP
  • Understanding of SaaS (subscription) model
  • Some ability to travel
  • Ability to work out of a home office environment 
  • Proven track record of exceeding sales objectives

Next Steps

If you are willing to bring hustle to an organization focused on passionate people, cool culture, great benefits and HUGE growth, Dyn is the place for you.

Apply to Dyn Today.

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Sales Job of the Week: Business Development at Trada

Here at ToutApp, we’re all about helping salespeople and sales managers get better at selling. So, in addition to our books, our sales school, we also feature awesome sales jobs at companies that use our platform. If you would like your company and position to be featured in the future, you can fill out this form.

This week’s awesome sales job of the week is at Trada.

The Trada Marketplace is the only truly performance-based paid search solution for companies advertising on Google and Yahoo/Bing. When a customer launches a campaign in Trada, we assign highly specialized online advertising experts to their campaigns, and they do the work on our customers' behalf: constantly researching, analyzing and optimizing.

According to a recent TechCrunch article, Trada raised $9 million in Series D financing from existing investors Foundry Group and Google Venture. Bringing Trada's total funding to $17 million. 

Our thoughts on Trada

Over here at ToutApp we are more of a teaching company than a selling one. We like to teach salespeople how to be better at sales by providing rich content, videos and resources. So when we discovered Trada does the same, we were big fans. There is not a doubt in our minds that Trada is passionate about what they do from crowdsourcing to making online advertising attainable to businesses large and small. But they also are passionate about teaching others how to be a better at advertising and marketing. When we took a look in there resource center, we were impressed to say the least. Trada provides content on everything from how to create effective landing pages for your campaigns to how to optimize your blog posts  Pretty awesome stuff.

Niel Robertson, Founder and CEO of Trada, rolling around on his Razor scooter at the office. 

When we took a peek at Tradas' company site, it was evident that “Tradans” are awesome. They are a passionate group of people that are breaking the mold. Their goal: To help customers succeed and build their own business while having a “heckauva good time.”

Trada Perks

  • Gym Membership
  • Gourmet company breakfast every Thursday 
  • Frequent team lunches and happy hours
  • Free parking – All the time!
  • Annual razor scooter race
  • Game room complete with a mini golf course, driving range, ping pong and pool
  • Snack station of your dreams 

At Trada, we have real culture. We build this culture by hiring people who are smart and weird and energetic, and who would rather solve problems and share success than follow the rules. 


Everything from how we appreach laying out the office to our commitment to transparency and sharing data about the business reflects our culture and our passion.


As a Business Development Representative you will identify, initiate and nurture relationships both over the phone and via email, with decision makers and qualify and identify those that are most likely to be approved in the Trada Marketplace.


  • Achieve the appointment and revenue goal of being over quota every month
  • Manage a high volume of outbound calls to warm marketing lists to uncover qualified sales opportunities
  • Collect and record the contact information of prospects and leads
  • Navigate corporate structures to identify decision makers and determine buying process
  • Build strong networks in and outside the organization
  • Strong communication and organizational skills


  • 1-2 years’ experience in outbound business-to-business phone marketing or sales
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Online advertising industry knowledge and experience
  • Knowledge of sales and marketing principles and strategies
  • Demonstrated ability to develop qualified appointments
  • Reliable, strong work ethic and able to work independently
  • Basic computer and typing skills for efficient documentation and research
  • SalesForce experience preferred

Next Steps

In conclusion, if you an assertive self-directed person who wants to hit the ground running and produce immediate result to help build a revolutionary business – Trada wants to hear from you. 

Apply to Trada today.

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ToutApp Sales Job of the Week: Inside Sales at Swipely

Here at ToutApp, we’re all about helping salespeople and sales managers get better at selling. So, in addition to our books, our sales school, we also feature awesome sales jobs at companies that use our platform. If you would like your company and position to be featured in the future, you can fill out this form.

This week’s awesome sales job of the week is at Swipley.

Swipely gives local merchants a simple way to accept payments, understand customers and grow sales. Swipely's fast paced sales team has an infectiously positive attitude and drive to win. We think big, we learn fast, and we get stuff done! 

Recently named by Forbes as “One of America's Most Promising Companies” and recognized with an “Innovator of the Year” award from The Providence Business news, Swipely is the fastest growing Silicon Valley funded technology company in Rhode Island, and a great place to grow your career. 

Our thoughts on Swipely 

As you might've noticed with these ToutApp Sales Jobs of the week, (last week's was with Parse.ly), we don't just feature anyone. We like to filter through and find the seriously awesome sales jobs for you.

So… why Swipely? From our point of view, their product is going to be a game changer. Every business needs to start accepting credit cards — so that's a no-brainer and Swipely makes that dead simple easy. BUT, on top of that, they bring the supreme awesomeness by tying in payments data for merchants into loyalty data — making it dead simple easy for even the smallest little local merchants to know who their VIPs are. 

Once they achieve world domination, not only will all of my local merchants no longer require me to carry any cash (which I hate doing), with their dynamo payments + relationships platform, my local merchants will also start to remember who I am and that I'm a loyal customer. It's really powerful stuff.

In addition to the product, we've had the pleasure of working with the Swipely team for quite some time since they're also ToutApp users. The people are simply awesome.

Here is how Elizabeth at Swipely describes their team culture:

Awesome team spirit! We challenge each other, are constantly learning and take the time to celebrate wins

Details around the Inside Sales Role


We are building an “A team” of high motivated individuals to join our rapidly growing inside sales team at our Providence headquarters. As an Account Executive, you'll help transform how local merchants accept payments, understand customers and grow sales.



  • Manage your own leads and drive the fulls sales cycle from the introductory calls to online demonstrations to closing deals.
  • Educate prospective merchant members about Swipely's platform, knowing our product inside and out (We will train you, of course).
  • Make a high volume of outbound sales calls to local business owners each day (80+).
  • Meet and strive to exceed individual monthly sales goals.
  • Establish lasting, mutually benficial relationships with merchant members.


  • An entrepeneurial spirirt: our account executives are hard working, well organized, self-motivated and confident. 
  • A passion for sales, specifically technology that helps local merchants succeed. 
  • Strong interpersonal skills: our account executives are energetic, outgoing, strong listeners and able to balance confidence and resolve with humility and empathy. 
  • Able to implement feedback and learn quickly. Swipely provides training and ongoing coaching to help you win and grow.
  • Comfortable using technology. Swipely uses Salesforce.com extensively. 
  • 1-3 years of experience selling (preferably to local businesses). Bachelor's degree preferred but not required. 

Next Steps

If you are looking for a career, a company that's invested in your developement, great training and leading edge-tools and resources to win, Swipely is the place for you.

Apply to Swipely Today.

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