Release Notes: Improvements from A-Z

At Tout, we’re always innovating on product – but we’re also committed to improving current functionality. Which is why we’re happy to share recent fixes and updates to Tout – from Analytics to team management functionality.

Analytics page fixes:

  • When a user chose a custom date range in the analytics pages, we were not displaying the correct dates.
  • The Peak engagement time was incorrect in Analytics – we were not converting it to that user’s time zone.
  • If a user created a template and shared it with the team, they were unable to see all analytics tied to that template.
  • If a user clicked on a shared template link in Salesbeat, they were not taken to that template
    There was a lag between the Deal alert in the top of the Live Feed and a card being generated in Salesbeat

Dynamic Field Fixes:

  • Dynamic field modal search was not case insensitive.
  • Custom fields over 16 characters were creating styling errors in the Contact Details View.
  • SFDC dynamic fields do not populate when ‘-‘ is in a contact’s email address.

Tracking Fixes:

  • The counter of sent emails in the Live Feed appeared incorrect when over 1,000 emails had been sent in a day.
  • Click tracking was not appearing after a reply has been detected in Gmail.

Email Fixes:

  • Preview on template with bullet points appeared incorrect.
  • Failed drip campaign were sending all emails in drip on resend instead of just the failed messages.

Team Management fixes:

  • The team management page was showing the incorrect number of pending team invites.
  • Team Admins were unable to edit shared templates within their team.
  • Admins were receiving a 500 error when trying to manage a deleted user.

Tout Phone fixes:

  • When using Tout phone, the recipient was seeing a NY phone number, not the caller’s number on their caller ID.
  • The call box on Tout Phone was causing some styling issues.

Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know. Thanks for your feedback!

Introducing: Tout Phone 2.0

At Tout, we strive to make your selling process easier and more productive. Last week we introduced Recommended Templates – an industry first – that predictively bubbles up the right messaging at the right time. Shortly before that, we launched Command Center, a single mission control for salespeople, which leverages all your Tout data to help you take the next step.

With more and more of our customers, we’re starting to see sophisticated, multi-touch, multi-channel (email and phone), semi-automatic (some automated drips and some personalization) outreach campaigns both for sales development reps and for closers.

While Tout has always offered the functionality to quickly click to call your prospect from the Live Feed, Command Center or directly from a contact – we realized a few shortcomings in current functionality.

For example, when using click to call directly from a contact record, you weren’t able to see your prospect’s name or any additional context while you were on the phone.


Tout Phone 1.0


Today, that changes. Welcome to Tout Phone 2.0.


With Tout Phone 2.0, you’re still able to quickly click to call from the Live Feed, Command Center and directly from a contact. However, you now have the aid of contextual history of your relationship with that prospect.


Tout Phone 2.0

And, you can continue to look at that context while you take call notes. Just like before, your call will automatically be saved to your lead or contact record in Salesforce. As sales teams evolve and crave better tools to manage their workflow, we’re constantly improving our platform.

Tout Phone 2.0 is made available today to all ToutApp customers. Please check it out and let us know what you think as this enhanced functionality is a direct result of customer feedback.

Introducing: Recommended Templates

It’s a typical sales day – 8am (or earlier if you’re anything like our own Sales team). Your coffee is still steaming and you’re ready to knock down walls and get deals done.

But wait. You can’t seem to find THAT template – the one you wordsmithed so perfectly that it would make Shakespeare weep. The one that is SURE to get your prospect’s attention. After a frantic few minutes, you’ve lost all hope and attempt to re-create it. It’s second-rate messaging at best.

You press send, feeling slightly defeated and move on to your next set of emails and calls.

That was yesterday. Welcome to the future.

Introducing: Recommended Templates

At Tout, we know half the battle of Sales is sending the right message at the right time. So we’re making it easier than ever before to send effective messaging. As part of our Jarvis initiative, we’re introducing Recommended Templates.

With Recommended Templates, whenever you put an email address in a compose window in Tout, Gmail, Outlook or Salesforce – we’ll recommend templates to use based off of fields like Opportunity Stage, Title, Industry, etc. In predicting templates for every sales scenario, Recommended Templates allows you to anticipate a prospect’s needs, so you can better personalize your messaging and laser-focus your outreach. Not only can reps and managers bubble up the right templates at the right time, but this functionality allows Marketing to join the conversation, too.

So how does it work?

To set up Recommended Templates, you’ll need to head over to the Templates page.

Create a new template (or open an existing template and choose “Edit”).

From here, you can map your template to any field available to you – name, title, opportunity stage, etc.

Then, in your email client, when that field matches for a recipient – Tout will bubble up that messaging to you lightning fast.

Recommended templates is made available today to all ToutApp customers. Please check it out and let us know what you think – as this is the first iteration of many to come as part of Jarvis.

Introducing: Team Management

Sales Development Reps, Account Executives and Customer Success Managers all use ToutApp. While we help each of these teams collaborate with each other with Sales Beat and shared templates & analytics, there wasn’t a way to collaborate within each of these teams… Until today.

Today, we’re announcing Team Management. It lets you segment your Tout subscription into distinct teams. It makes Sales Beat that much more powerful, and every other aspect of the platform that much more contextual.

Also… it was a lot of fun making this video!

While Tout has always had the functionality to share templates and groups with your subscription, your templates and groups were either shared with the entire company or not at all. As our customers have continued to grow their teams, we saw a need to create sub-teams within Tout so managers and team leads can drill in and focus on the right reps and get the most accurate analytics.

Today, we’re introducing functionality that will not only increase collaboration across your team, but will also give you visibility into analytics at the company-wide, team or individual rep level.

Best of all, when you’re sharing messaging with your team or teams, you can provide context about why you’re sharing the template, best practices and use cases. You’ll have the same functionality in the Relationships page, too.

And, you can even share updates in Sales Beat with just the team or teams you belong to.

Now, your account can have individual users, Master Administrators and Team Administrators in your subscription. And, we’ve made significant improvements to inviting team members to your subscription, as well as to specific subteams.

If you were using Tout prior to today, don’t worry – we haven’t touched your subscription. Everything will still be in place and your team will be called the “Everyone” team. You cannot have someone as part of your Tout account if they do not exist in this group.

As sales teams evolve and crave better tools to manage their workflow, we’re constantly improving our platform. Team Management is made available today to all Enterprise customers. Please check it out and let us know what you think and let us know if we missed anything!


Release Notes: Unsubscribe Functionality Overhaul

We know that email compliance is a big deal for your company. And, at Tout, your feedback is a big deal for our company. So, today we’re happy to tell you that we’ve completely overhauled how we handle unsubscribes – based solely off of your feedback.
Here’s what’s included in the overhaul:

To help with contact management:



  1. There’s a new filter in the Relationships page that has ‘My Contacts’ so you know if it’s a contact you own or one that has been shared via a team member.
  2. In the contact details view, an end-user can now see who created the contact.

Customizing your Unsubscribe Language in the Settings Page:


  1. Now, we have a dedicated settings page to Unsubscribe Functionality. On this page, you’ll find two boxes. One for “Unsubscribe” and the other for “Block Unsubscribe”:
    • Unsubscribe – This will remove the recipient from groups and fail any existing scheduled emails to the recipient.
    • Block Unsubscribe – This will block the recipient from receiving emails from you and your team.
Adding an Unsubscribe when Editing a Template: 


  1. Unsubscribe buttons (Helpful and Simple, respectively) are now gone. But don’t panic — they have been replaced with checkboxes so you can still quickly add an unsubscribe link in a template
  2. There’s now a deep link to the settings page to set up custom Unsubscribes.

Salesforce Opt Out Sync:

  1. Your subscription Administrator can opt-in to a 2-way sync between Tout Unsubscribes and Salesforce Opt Out flags
    1. One-way syncing from Tout to Salesforce will occur in real time
    2. This bi-directional sync from Salesforce to Tout will happen every 24 hours


Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know. Thanks for your feedback!


Command Center: Step-by-Step

Earlier this week, we introduced Command Center – a brand new view for sending emails, following up and reaching out while the iron is hot. Whether it’s your Tasks for the day, identifying the most engaged people or personalizing a set of automated drip emails that are already scheduled, you can do it all right from this view.


Let’s dive in, feature-by-feature.

Keep Salesforce up to date.

  • All tasks sync bi-directionally between ToutApp and Salesforce so any edit you make will flow back and forth between our two platforms.
  • You can choose between four task types: Email, Call, InMail and Other
    • Email: This will open a new compose window for you to quickly choose a template and fire off that follow up email.
    • Call: This opens click to call and pulls in whatever phone number you have for that record in SF. Logs the call + notes in Salesforce.
    • InMail: When you choose the InMail option, Tout will open LinkedIn with a search for that contact so you can quickly connect or fire off an InMail message.
    • Other: Do you need to do something else to move the deal along? Send thank you flowers? Post a tweet? You can log that as a task too, by choosing ‘other’ as an option when you create your task.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 3.35.59 PM


Never miss a follow up.

  • Schedule tasks right from an email (or from the Live Feed), whether you’re in Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce or
  • Have your templates automatically schedule a task each time you send an email using that task.


  • All of your tasks due today and tomorrow will automatically appear in your tasks list in and in your Live Feed.


Follow up in 1 click.

  • With new follow up action buttons in Command Center, sending a follow up is just a click away.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 4.45.26 PM


Keep your most engaged prospects on your radar.

  • In Command Center, Tout bubbles up emails you’ve sent that have high engagement activity so you can call them or send them a follow up in just one click.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 4.52.11 PM


Touch every email before it leaves your sent folder.

  • Did you just get off of a call with a prospect and have an email scheduled to go out to them later today? With the scheduled emails view, you can edit that email and add some personalization about your call before it goes out.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 4.54.19 PM


Send out personalized emails at scale.

  • Select up to 50 contacts at a time to quickly send of an email, while still taking the time to add a sentence or two of personalization so you can book a meeting or close a deal.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 4.59.50 PM


Follow up on a thread.

  • When sending a follow up email, or firing off a drip campaign, Tout will automatically pull in the the last email you sent, including the time and date it was sent appended to your email – to look like a true threaded follow up chain.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 5.02.29 PM



Pretty cool, huh? To learn best practices around outbound sales, join our webinar with Tout’s very own Sales Development team next Wednesday, June 24th at 11am PST to learn messaging that gets replies and how to personalize at scale.

Release notes: Chrome Email Plugins

We’ve been really busy this month – working on a brand new home page for Tout, called Command Center. However, as always, we’ve been continually improving our platform in tandem with releasing brand new functionality.

This week, we’re happy to tell you about a few things we’ve updated and fixed:

  • A fix for our OWA integration (Microsoft had made a change that removed the “Tout It” button)
  • Resolved an issue where Niko would open blank in Gmail.

Want to download ToutApp for Chrome? You can, here.

Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know.

Introducing Sales Beat, Collaboration for Sales Teams

Today, as the next installment of our Jarvis initiative, we’re announcing the addition of Sales Beat to the ToutApp Sales Platform.

We already provide our customers with best-in-class Tracking, Templates and Analytics – this is the core of what we do. But we know that sales reps need more than productivity tools to truly excel. They need relevant insights that they can apply to their active deals, they need training baked right into the software, and they need help when they get stuck.

Sales Beat Drives Collaboration

Sales Beat is the new collaborative layer surrounding the core of our platform. It bubbles up real insights via a real-time feed baked right into the salesperson’s workflow. It highlights the right insights from Tout Analytics, as well as real advice shared by Sales Managers, Marketing and other stakeholders, so that sales reps can book more meetings and move deals forward.

With this new layer of the platform, we’re now the only sales platform in the space that bakes in collaboration right into the salesperson’s workflow. This is a very exciting time for us, and we can’t wait to continue building this out even more, so that we’re constantly improving how we can help sales reps do their jobs.

How does Sales Beat work?

Sales Beat is used across the entire sales team – outbound reps, closers and sales management. It’s also used by those that work closely with Sales, including Marketing, Sales Ops and CS/Account Managers. When used correctly, we’ve seen it quickly become the nerve center for sales teams to share information effectively.

Top Templates

Some of the insights that are automatically bubbled up to the team in Sales Beat include:

  • Top 5 best performing templates across the team, so you can see the best performing messaging
  • Notification of an effective new template that’s been shared, so that you can apply it to your own outreach
  • Details on a new closed deal, and insights on the email activity that got the deal done


Custom Updates in Sales Beat

Share UpdatesThe most exciting part about Sales Beat is the part where you can share custom updates with your sales team. We’ve seen a ton of creative uses for it so far, they include:

  • A manager gives relevant coaching to her reps based on current sales challenges of the week
  • A rep shares how a certain deal came together and the best practices employed to win it
  • The marketing team shares a new case study for a target vertical
  • A sales rep shares a customer testimonial or talk track that worked really well on a call
  • A sales enablement team member provides tactical weekly tips and tricks to the sales team on how to better personalize their communications

We’ve learned that collaborative sales teams are successful sales teams, and now with Sales Beat you can take collaboration and sharing across your team to a whole new level.

Our mission is simple: we’re here to build software to empower salespeople. Sales Beat is the next step in this larger vision to achieve just that. And we will keep forging ahead.

Introducing Tout Connect – An API That Brings Tout Features Into the Tools You’re Already Using

Last November, we announced our Jarvis initiative. In our quest to bring the most complete and integrated sales platform, today we are bringing you the next installment of Jarvis: Tout Connect.

The idea is simple. In order to make the best sales platform on planet earth, we know we need to be able to bring Tout’s goodness to any tool that a salesperson uses. So today, we’re announcing our API offering which allows any CRM provider to integrate with ToutApp in a matter of 2 weeks and start to natively offer our platform’s key features instantaneously: Templates, Tracking & Analytics.

We know that sales is a very personal process. It’s not just about getting contacts and buying lists, but it’s about reaching out with the right information and bringing real tangible value to prospects. To do that, the salesperson needs to know what’s happening with their prospects – if they’re engaged, if they’re reading and clicking.

We’re partnering with some leading platforms in the space for this launch – Bluenose, Kitedesk, Lead411, Preact and Spiderbook. These partners can now provide even more value for their customers with powerful, contextual information. And going forward, ANY platform that houses contact data can now offer Tout engagement data right within the platform.

About the Integration

Tout engagement data may look different from platform to platform, but the integration will allow you to enjoy the functionality below within a Tout Connect Partner platform:

  • Send trackable emails
  • Access and send Tout templated emails
  • View Tout tracking and event data
  • View contextual history of email conversations and engagement on each contact
  • Take action with click to call, email or view CRM
  • Push a list of contact to Tout using ‘Push To Tout’ functionality

Here’s what Tout Connect looks like in action:

How to get started:

If you’re a Tout customer and also a customer of one of these great launch partners listed above, you can get started right away – just go to the Tout Connect settings page on your account and enable the integration. That’s all it takes to get started; now you’ll have Tout tracking, templates and analytics right where you need it.

If you don’t have a ToutApp account, you can start a free trial, here.

Do you want to see Tout data in another platform that you use? Ask that provider to get in touch with us.

Release Notes: Updates to Reply Tracking

In our efforts to constantly innovate and improve our product, we’ve been heads down updating the functionality of Reply Tracking in Gmail. This feature is the most recent type of tracking in Tout’s arsenal, and one of the most useful. And today we’re happy to announce the largest improvement to Reply Tracking since it was released for Gmail users.

Here’s what we’ve improved:

  • Drastically improved how we manage and retry connections that have failed to keep you updated on replies.
  • Updates to how Tout detects a reply from your recipient
  • An edge case involving threaded emails using “RE:” in the subject line
  • An edge case involving false replies
  • We also added additional servers to handle capacity

Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know, here.