Introducing Tout Connect – An API That Brings Tout Features Into the Tools You’re Already Using

Last November, we announced our Jarvis initiative. In our quest to bring the most complete and integrated sales platform, today we are bringing you the next installment of Jarvis: Tout Connect.

The idea is simple. In order to make the best sales platform on planet earth, we know we need to be able to bring Tout’s goodness to any tool that a salesperson uses. So today, we’re announcing our API offering which allows any CRM provider to integrate with ToutApp in a matter of 2 weeks and start to natively offer our platform’s key features instantaneously: Templates, Tracking & Analytics.

We know that sales is a very personal process. It’s not just about getting contacts and buying lists, but it’s about reaching out with the right information and bringing real tangible value to prospects. To do that, the salesperson needs to know what’s happening with their prospects – if they’re engaged, if they’re reading and clicking.

We’re partnering with some leading platforms in the space for this launch – Bluenose, Kitedesk, Lead411, Preact and Spiderbook. These partners can now provide even more value for their customers with powerful, contextual information. And going forward, ANY platform that houses contact data can now offer Tout engagement data right within the platform.

About the Integration

Tout engagement data may look different from platform to platform, but the integration will allow you to enjoy the functionality below within a Tout Connect Partner platform:

  • Send trackable emails
  • Access and send Tout templated emails
  • View Tout tracking and event data
  • View contextual history of email conversations and engagement on each contact
  • Take action with click to call, email or view CRM
  • Push a list of contact to Tout using ‘Push To Tout’ functionality

Here’s what Tout Connect looks like in action:

How to get started:

If you’re a Tout customer and also a customer of one of these great launch partners listed above, you can get started right away – just go to the Tout Connect settings page on your account and enable the integration. That’s all it takes to get started; now you’ll have Tout tracking, templates and analytics right where you need it.

If you don’t have a ToutApp account, you can start a free trial, here.

Do you want to see Tout data in another platform that you use? Ask that provider to get in touch with us.

Release Notes: Updates to Reply Tracking

In our efforts to constantly innovate and improve our product, we’ve been heads down updating the functionality of Reply Tracking in Gmail. This feature is the most recent type of tracking in Tout’s arsenal, and one of the most useful. And today we’re happy to announce the largest improvement to Reply Tracking since it was released for Gmail users.

Here’s what we’ve improved:

  • Drastically improved how we manage and retry connections that have failed to keep you updated on replies.
  • Updates to how Tout detects a reply from your recipient
  • An edge case involving threaded emails using “RE:” in the subject line
  • An edge case involving false replies
  • We also added additional servers to handle capacity

Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know, here.

Announcing: The Next Generation of Sales Email Analytics

We all know that sales is a numbers game. And if you don’t have the right insights on the game, you’re at a disadvantage – compared to your competitors, your fellow reps and even your own quota. ToutApp has always had its eye on being an intelligent, all-in-one platform that takes the guesswork out of your sales process and bubbles up the right metrics exactly when you need them.

Today, we’re excited to announce a massive update to our analytics capabilities. This update is the first of many as we continue to push toward the next generation of ToutApp – complete with truly intelligent analytics that help reps make better decisions across the entire sales cycle.

The Next Generation of Sales Email Analytics

These new analytics capabilities will allow sales teams to use actionable insights at every step of their workflow, and to know the right next steps to take to drive forward and close each deal faster. You will now be able to answer key questions based on predictive analytics, all packaged beautifully in one customized central dashboard.

Identify high-and low-performing messaging at a granular level at a glance 

ToutApp Team Analytics
  • Which messaging and email templates are driving the revenue?
  • Which reps are creating the most engaging templates?
  • Which templates aren’t getting any engagement and need to be tossed?

Elevate performance across the entire team 

  • Which rep is driving the most engaging conversations?
  • Which accounts are reps having the most touches with?
  • Which reps need more support from management to elevate their performance to star status?

Uncover messaging patterns with key metrics in one central dashboard 

  • How productive is my team? How are we doing compared to last month?
  • Are there any surprises in our click-through and reply rates?
  • How can I send of a few more emails with the best templates in one click?

Website Tracking – What better way to know who’s checking you out than website tracking? With ToutApp’s newly released website tracking analytics – you can see who, when, and where your app caught a few lingering eyes.

You’ll get insight into:

  1. The top ten domains that have visited your website.
  2. Know how prospects are getting directed to your site
  3. Filter the emails you sent to that company (via domain)

We’ve put in a significant amount of investment into the underlying data infrastructure, so that we can continue to build out these capabilities to be even more intelligent and robust. These new dashboards are just the beginning of what is yet to come!

If you and your sales team aren’t on ToutApp yet, what are you waiting for? Get Touting.

Unsubscribe Update: When Your Prospects Ain’t Got Time for That

Starting today, we’ve revamped how unsubscribes function in Tout, so you can better manage your email communication with your prospects.

So what has changed?

Block Unsubscribes

You’ll now have the ability to take unsubsribes one step further and “block” email communication. This action prevents anyone across your team from emailing that person using Tout.


Unsubscribe Management

When a recipient unsubscribes from a link in a Touted email, they’ll automatically be removed from all groups they belong to in the Relationships page and all scheduled emails to that recipient will fail.

If you’re not using unsubscribe links in your email and a prospect asks to not be emailed again – you can quickly unsubscribe them from the contact details view in



And, you can now bulk-unsubscribe recipients from the Emails page and from the Relationships page.




Along with tighter unsubscribe parameters, you’ll now have better visibility into who unsubscribed from your emails and when – right from the relationships page.



What stayed the same?

As the saying goes, “some things never change.” Here’s what hasn’t changed with email unsubscribes.

Salesforce Sync

Any lead or contact that has clicked on an unsubscribe link in a Touted email will automatically be marked as Opt-Out in Salesforce. Additionally, if you are using Push to Tout in Salesforce any lead or contact that is marked as Opt-Out will not be created in your new Tout group.


Basic Functionality

All recipients that have unsubscribed from a Touted email will be placed in the Unsubscribe group in the relationships page in and any emails scheduled to someone who has decided to unsubscribe will not go out.



Don’t worry – all of your current unsubscribe links in your templates and email signature don’t need to be redone – and the way you those links are created in Tout haven’t changed either. If you run into any trouble or have additional questions, please let us know!

Sales Acceleration Dashboard Recap


The Sales Acceleration Dashboard is one report that lets Sales Teams know what content is working!


Did you know that 83% of the data in your CRM systems are unmanageable? It can be hard to visually see individual rep performance, template/content performance, and your trending accounts. With the Sales Acceleration Dashboard, it’s the first time you’ll have a report that gives you visibility into what emails are actually working, and more specifically, what content. Such as:

  • # of Emails with Events
    Tracking performance of reps email activity to drive performance
  • Click Through Rate
    Measuring the reps ability to source top content
  • Open Rate
    Measuring the number of opens and contrasting against the click through rate (CTR)
  • # of Events by Template
    Serves Marketing and Sales leadership, as top templates can be tracked
  • Opportunities with Events
    Exposes the real pipeline expected to close this month
  • Trending Accounts – Events
    The hot accounts for this week by engagement data

For Who:

For Sales Managers, Sales Directors, Sales Operations, Director of Marketing, or VP of Sales that want visibility into their teams, or anyone interested in measuring content performance.

Live Tweets from the Webinar (that you should tweet yourself):


“1% of calls today yield a real conversion. The concept of a cold call needs to change. @toutapp helps you do that.” (Click to Tweet)
“We’re solving that question that every chief sales officer is asking, What content is working and how do we get more of it?” (Click to Tweet)
“ToutApp gives you one platform, one service, not just a plug in. With the Sales Acceleration Dashboard we make sure you get the data you need.” (Click to Tweet)
“You can compare and contrast who’s killing it in terms of content, and then use that data to spread to the rest of the team. ” @toutapp (Click to Tweet)
“You can go back to #marketing and say, ‘Look, we’re using your content but this is how it’s actually performing’ and start a conversation.” (Click to Tweet)
“The # of emails sent means nothing. Connect rates and engagement data is what matters.” (Click to Tweet)


“For every 100 emails you send, you’ll get 2.5 meetings. For #Salesleaders this is exactly why you need to use engagement data.” @toutapp (Click to Tweet)


“Most of the CRM platforms are just places to log activity. That’s great but that’s not enough” #salesaccelerationdashboard (Click to Tweet)

Sign up to get the Sales Acceleration Dashboard here!

ToutApp Re-Launches a 2-year Old Feature: Group Emails

Today, ToutApp is re-launching our Group Emails feature, which we've had for nearly 2-years on our platform. Why? Because we can. And because we think it is an awesome aspect of our platform.

The Group Emails feature has been one of the cornerstones of the ToutApp Sales Acceleration Platform and something we've improved and perfected over time. It has helped countless SDR, Inside and Success teams nurture relationships with their contacts at-scale while conforming to CAN-SPAM laws.

What are Group Emails?

Group Emails (some old timers call it Mail Merge) allow you to create a target group of contacts (from a CSV, from Salesforce, or from a filtered list in ToutApp based on engagement data) and then email them in just a couple of clicks using a dynamic and personalized template.

For an overview of how this works, check out this video tour of group emails.

To learn how you can personalize your Group Emails to the extreme, with unsubscribes and sender information, check out this tutorial on sending personalized emails.

Can I automatically follow up on Group Emails?

Absolutely. Automatically following up on emails and group emails is one of the most powerful aspects of ToutApp as well. 

How can I personalize Group Emails?

Just like the rest of the ToutApp platform, everything is slanted toward personalization. With Group Emails, just like our Email Templates, you will be able to pull in live Salesforce CRM data, Custom Billing Data, and basic Contact Information Data. Check out this blog entry about Personalized Dynamic Fields.

How does this affect Deliverability?

One of the things we always recommend is that you DO NOT send Group Emails through your Google and Gmail account. It hurts your account's reputation, emails tend to get blocked, and you can encounter deliverability issues. We've even seen cases where people can get locked out of their accounts because of abuse. Our platform partners with a number of Premium email delivery providers and can also integrate with your Enterprise SMTP server to ensure proper throttling, tracking and deliverability around your group emails.

How does this compare with The Other Guys?

We get it. Every day there is a shiny new company popping up promising you a better Sales Email experience. Rest assured that we've been perfecting our platform for nearly three years and we have the most rock solid performance. To help you compare, here's a comparison of what's out there compared to Tout's Group Emails.

Feature ToutApp The CopyCats
Send Group Emails to 200 People for Gmail, Outlook and Salesforce Yes Gmail Only
Send Group Emails to 1,000 People for Gmail, Outlook and Salesforce Yes No
Send Through SMTP, ESPs, Etc. Yes No
Send Throttling and Deliverability Yes No
Personalized Fields Yes Limited
Dynamic Fields from CRM Yes No
Dynamic Fileds from Any Data Source Yes No
Unsubscribe Functionality Yes No
CAN-SPAM Compliance Support Yes No
Send from CSV, Including Custom Fields for Personalization Yes Limited
Send from Salesforce Contacts or Leads Yes No
Send to people based on Engagement Tracking Data Yes No
Automatically Follow Up on Group Emails Yes No
Detailed View, Click, Presentation and Website Tracking for Group Emails Yes Limited

In Conclusion

Over here, we've been committed to providing you with the biggest, best and most robust Sales Acceleration Platform for nearly 3 years. We've battle hardened our features, we're constantly innovating, and we'll continue to make sure you have the best experience; even for features that are nearly 2+ years old.

ToutApp’s New Marketo Integration

Conquering the Divide: Marketing and Sales

It’s your typical sales scenario.

Marketing receives a lead from a webinar or website sign-up, they create messaging, and then send it along to the sales team. They wait, they hope, and over time, they see if the communication leads to conversion. There isn’t a lot of transparency throughout the entire sales process such as: real-time click through rates, most engaged leads, insight into what’s being opened, etc.

Meanwhile, Sales teams are not finding the messaging or sales enablement training effective, and Marketing is confused because they have data saying otherwise.

Well folks, we think it’s finally time to create a system that makes both sides happy and closer than ever. ToutApp’s new integration with Marketo cleverly bridges the divide between marketing and sales that has kept each department ignorant about what happens during the other half of the selling process. This unprecedented level of collaboration between two historically divided teams will make it effortless for sales and marketing to share insights

What will you get?

1. A unified view of the entire customer funnel
2. Unprecedented level of collaboration between two historically divided teams
3. Real-time sales activities and engagement data will be fed directly into Marketo’s lead record
4. Marketers get a 360-degree view of what happens to leads once they cross over to the sales side
5. Never again will sales reps have to worry about marketing getting in the way of a sales email with a blast campaign

Marketo is for Marketing. ToutApp is for Sales.

“Marketing and sales have always had a tumultuous relationship because of the lack of visibility each department has into the other’s activities.”

“This new integration provides a full picture of the entire customer acquisition process and enables sales and marketing teams to work together to find out what messaging works, without wasting valuable time assembling notes and debriefing the other side.”

-ToutApp CEO Tawheed Kader.

Driving Sales and Marketing Alignment

When sales and marketing teams have easy access to a unified view of the customer across the entire process, they can quickly work together on how to boost conversion rates. Instead of each team preparing lengthy reports about how they are interacting with prospects, the ToutApp integration with Marketo automatically provides the data that enables marketing and sales teams to rapidly identify which strategies are most effective. In other words, Marketing teams can find out which of the prospects they send to salespeople are actually converting to real customers, and in turn sales teams can see which marketing strategies generate the most successful leads as fast as possible.

It’s an addictive win for both sides.

Read What People Are Saying:

Sales platform ToutApp adds Marketo integration

Sales+Marketing= Sucess

Greater Than Your Average Gong: The ToutApp Sales Gong

Those $$$ signs are on the horizon. You’ve been working on this deal for weeks. You’ve wowed your Champion, and the contract is finally in the hands of the Decision Maker. Now, all there is left to do is keep on refreshing your live feed for the contract to come through. When that magical moment happens, what’s the latest and greatest form of celebration in the Sales world?

Announcing: The Virtual Sales Gong –> 

Today, we're excited to release the ToutApp's Sales Gong! The Gong is a new icon on our platform that's easily accessible inside of Gmail, Outlook, and Salesforce. It will totally revise the way you and your team will celebrate your closed deals. You'll be shocked you've lived without it. 

Why the Gong?

As early as the 6th century B.C., The gong has been used in cultures across the globe as a signal for celebration: births, weddings, etc. (Obviously closing a deal is up there in terms of monumental achievements). The musical instrument was also struck to announce when the Emperor or other important figures arrived. Salespeople, you’re kind of a big deal. And, as a “call to arms”, military leaders would use them to gather their soldiers and prepare for battle. Isn’t selling sometimes a battle in itself? Only the strong survive… So, which instrument resonates with all of this and why did we make it?



Four reasons why it’s greater than your average Gong:

1. SHARE your success with the team

“Tout” from the rooftops your success with the team! Hitting the Gong at the end of a deal will give you a personal celebration at your desk, and also alert team members of your win. Make it an event and celebrate your victory. Because, it’s always good to pause, take a moment, and soak up the glory.

2. LEARN from closed deals

Better understand how a deal comes together from start to finish– yours or a co-worker's. Want to know the messaging that was used to win it? Or learn a sentence or phrase you hadn’t yet thought of? Through ToutApp data, you can track and see the exact emails that were used to close the deal. 

ToutApp's data will help you see which templates were used, which got the highest number of views (if one got 38 vs. 5), and which ones just aren’t working. By looking at the conversation flow, you can see the direct messaging that resonated with the client and which pain points increased engagement. Instead of saying to your friend in the breakroom, “Hey, how’d you close that deal?”, you’ll have the answer in front of your eyes…or rather the Gong ringing in your ears.

3. MAKE your life easier

The Gong automatically updates your opportunity information into Salesforce. There’s no need to go back and forth between screens and programs. Just one click, and the celebration begins. If you’re not a Salesforce user, you can now track your deals right inside of ToutApp.

4. GET Competitive

The Gong fosters a healthy competitive environment. Your natural “soldier” instincts kick in when deals are closed. It’ll push you to hit and exceed your quota, and it’ll reinforce that a win is achievable AND do-able. Keep on fighting for it. Is it ironic that there’s even a gong at the end of a boxing match? We think not. You should celebrate your amazing fight too.

And, if there’s a top soldier aka Rambo on your team who’s constantly winning,  you’ll know who to go to to ask questions. The whole team gains effectiveness.

Start using the ToutApp Gong:

The ToutApp Gong is available now and will be available as an icon in Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce and If you're not on ToutApp it is time to put your sales team on the most advanced sales acceleration platform on planet earth, start here:



Why you should come to the Sales Hacker Conference this week

This week, the ToutApp team is gearing up for the first ever Sales Hacker Conference in San Francisco where we are marquee sponsor.

It all started when a couple of months ago, Max Altschuler, the brains behind the Sales Hacker Conference, approached our small Sales Hacker group and told us about how he wanted to hold a broader conference. The rules were simple:

  1. We're going to get the smartest and brightest sales hackers together in one room
  2. We're going to talk about actionable insights instead of jargon
  3. Sponsorship will not guarantee a speaking spot. Speakers will be chosen based on their merits. Absolutely no pay-to-play advertisements.
  4. Maybe, just maybe, we're going to make the conference invite only

I heard the rules, and I blurted out: We're IN.

Why The Sales Hacker Conference Is Different

Why? For a number of reasons, but the #1 being of authenticity. I loved the idea of getting a bunch of DO-ers into a 1-day conference and getting everyone talking about actionable insights on how to do sales. I loved the idea of doing a conference where its not one of those all-sponsored events. I loved the idea that Max wanted to put together a mix of both industry veterans and up and coming startup founders. All in all, the concept fell a heck of a lot more REAL.

The Sales Hacker Conference is hopefully going to be one all about authenticity: from its initial design to its execution all the way to the content and conversations that will hopefully take place the day-of. Its going to be the conference for those that usually don't go to conferences. Its hopefully going to be the conference that drags out the unsung heroes of Sales.

Authenticity in Sales

As the Founder & CEO of ToutApp and as someone that does NOT have double digit years of sales experience, I've been forced to think on a first principled basis about what is Sales, how Sales works and how it is changing.

When we decided build software to empower salespeople, I made it a plan to buy as many sales books as possible, subscribe to as many sales blogs, and get lunch, drinks or dinner with as many sales leaders as possible and say: “I know nothing about Sales. Teach me.”

As I grew my own understanding of Sales, I came to understand and embrace one key insight which existed across all the books, meetings, and blog entries: Authenticity.

We all know this: Buyers are more empowered than ever before. With the power of Google, LinkedIn, Online Marketplaces and peer-to-peer reviews, they have more information than ever before. With the consumerization of IT, they also know the difference between shitty software and great products. 

While we all know about the shift in buyer behavior, we ourselves might not be getting rid of old sales habits yet. I feel this every day as I interview experienced salespeople to join our sales team.

With all of this powers that Buyers now hold, the only real way a salesperson is going to be able to connect and engage is through authenticity. If you're still trying to do sales using the old playbook of heavy handed-ness, relying on the lack of information distribution, or just pure trickery: the status quo is about to rule you out.

So how do you effectively sell in a world when the buyer potentially knows more about YOU the sales person about your space and your competitors? Authenticity. And unlike a lot of other sales skills, you can't fake authenticity, you can't use a software tool to “do” authenticity. It comes from within. And its what will build the top sales performers and leaders of tomorrow.

ToutApp + Authenticity

Interestingly, “Authenticity” is going to be one of the core underlying product themes going forward on our sales platform as well. I won't speak too much about that now, but I will be announcing some new exiting directions for our company on Thursday at the conference.

So in conclusion, authenticity is a hugely important theme to me. And it is a hugely important theme to Max and the other Sales Hackers I work with. So, I'm excited about whats ahead. I hope you'll join us.

Did you get your tickets yet? Join us this Thursday for the first even Sales Hacker Conference


Today, we're really excited to be announcing ToutApp's integration into Oracle Sales Cloud. Not only are we going to be one of the starting partners for Oracle's new Cloud Application Marketplace, we're also stoked to be joining Oracle's PartnerNetwork as a Gold-level partner. 

Over a year ago, we embarked on the CRM integration journey with our deep integration into Salesforce and our listing on the Salesforce AppExchange. While that integration has continued to grow and we're still continuing to spread ToutApp across the Salesforce ecosystem, we couldn't resist the new opportunities the Oracle community brings us. Don't worry, there's plenty of ToutApp to go around for everyone!

About the Integration

Similar to ToutApp's Salesforce integration, Oracle Sales Cloud customers will now be able to enjoy:

  • Dynamic email templates
  • Real-Time Email, Presentation and Website tracking
  • Real-Time Lead Scoring and Live Feed
  • and our industry leading “Emails” tab where customers can manage their sales communication workflow

Oracle Sales Cloud customers installing ToutApp will reap the following key benefits with our platform:

  • Streamlined workflow for sending sales emails
  • Ability for sales reps to focus on the most engaged leads
  • Ability for sales management to gain unique insights into the type of content and conversations that leads to winning deals


Sticking with tradition, here's a short video showing the integration.

Oracle OpenWorld

We'll be showcasing our integration at Oracle OpenWorld from Oracle's Cloud Pavilion in Moscone West. Come by and talk to a ToutApp Happiness Officer!

Next Steps

If you would like to evaluate ToutApp for your sales team, contact us here: