Release Notes: Reply Tracking and Delivery Updates

This week, we’re happy to tell you about several improvements we’ve made to Tout – spanning from tracking Out of Office replies to updating you when your email has been Bounced or ended up in Spam.

New UI for Spam/Bounced Emails
  • Tout now bubbles up emails marked as Spam, in addition to bounced emails and delivered emails
    • Spam emails will be flagged with this icon: spam_icon2
    • Bounced emails will be flagged with this icon: bounced_icon2
  • Under the “Failed Deliveries” folder in the Conversations tab, you’ll see Spam and Bounced as filters
  • Tout bubbles up why an email was Bounced or marked as Spam Only IF it was reported
Out of Office Replies
  • For users that have a Gmail integration, Tout reply tracking technology will now capture Out of Office Replies (OOO) and bubble that up in the Live Feed and in the sent folder
    • OOO Replies will be flagged with this icon: Door_exit_with_arrow_to_the_right_16
    • These do not count as a true “reply” in Tout (and won’t affect your drip campaigns being turned off)
  • If a recipient views the email/engages otherwise after they’re back in the office Tout will reflect that

Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know.

Command Center: Step-by-Step

Earlier this week, we introduced Command Center – a brand new view for sending emails, following up and reaching out while the iron is hot. Whether it’s your Tasks for the day, identifying the most engaged people or personalizing a set of automated drip emails that are already scheduled, you can do it all right from this view.


Let’s dive in, feature-by-feature.

Keep Salesforce up to date.

  • All tasks sync bi-directionally between ToutApp and Salesforce so any edit you make will flow back and forth between our two platforms.
  • You can choose between four task types: Email, Call, InMail and Other
    • Email: This will open a new compose window for you to quickly choose a template and fire off that follow up email.
    • Call: This opens click to call and pulls in whatever phone number you have for that record in SF. Logs the call + notes in Salesforce.
    • InMail: When you choose the InMail option, Tout will open LinkedIn with a search for that contact so you can quickly connect or fire off an InMail message.
    • Other: Do you need to do something else to move the deal along? Send thank you flowers? Post a tweet? You can log that as a task too, by choosing ‘other’ as an option when you create your task.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 3.35.59 PM


Never miss a follow up.

  • Schedule tasks right from an email (or from the Live Feed), whether you’re in Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce or
  • Have your templates automatically schedule a task each time you send an email using that task.


  • All of your tasks due today and tomorrow will automatically appear in your tasks list in and in your Live Feed.


Follow up in 1 click.

  • With new follow up action buttons in Command Center, sending a follow up is just a click away.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 4.45.26 PM


Keep your most engaged prospects on your radar.

  • In Command Center, Tout bubbles up emails you’ve sent that have high engagement activity so you can call them or send them a follow up in just one click.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 4.52.11 PM


Touch every email before it leaves your sent folder.

  • Did you just get off of a call with a prospect and have an email scheduled to go out to them later today? With the scheduled emails view, you can edit that email and add some personalization about your call before it goes out.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 4.54.19 PM


Send out personalized emails at scale.

  • Select up to 50 contacts at a time to quickly send of an email, while still taking the time to add a sentence or two of personalization so you can book a meeting or close a deal.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 4.59.50 PM


Follow up on a thread.

  • When sending a follow up email, or firing off a drip campaign, Tout will automatically pull in the the last email you sent, including the time and date it was sent appended to your email – to look like a true threaded follow up chain.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 5.02.29 PM



Pretty cool, huh? To learn best practices around outbound sales, join our webinar with Tout’s very own Sales Development team next Wednesday, June 24th at 11am PST to learn messaging that gets replies and how to personalize at scale.

Release notes: Chrome Email Plugins

We’ve been really busy this month – working on a brand new home page for Tout, called Command Center. However, as always, we’ve been continually improving our platform in tandem with releasing brand new functionality.

This week, we’re happy to tell you about a few things we’ve updated and fixed:

  • A fix for our OWA integration (Microsoft had made a change that removed the “Tout It” button)
  • Resolved an issue where Niko would open blank in Gmail.

Want to download ToutApp for Chrome? You can, here.

Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know.

Release Notes: Dynamic field improvements

This week, we’re happy to tell you about several improvements we’ve made to Tout – spanning from dynamic fields performance, to support for special characters.

  1. Contacts with three names, like ‘Betty Sue-Ann’ will resolve correctly when using dynamic fields
  2. Fix for company name fallback with Salesforce Contact information
  3. We now support special characters, like “+”, in email addresses
  4. Tout will now display duplicate email addresses (up to 5 emails) that are being de-duplicated during the Push to Tout process

Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know.

Kareo Supercharges its Sales Productivity

The entire sales team at Kareo, an electronic health records company that streamlines everything from billing to collections for thousands of doctors’ practices nationwide.

When Rick Palmer, Sales Operations Manager at Kareo, was continually faced with productivity and messaging roadblocks from his sales team — he found that Tout was his teams solution.

“The insights and control from tracking and templates made it a no-brainer to bring in ToutApp,” said Rick Palmer.

Learn how Rick and his team at Kareo supercharges their productivity with ToutApp at their growing company.


Humans of Tout: Ami Bhatt, Software Engineer

Can you tell us your path to Software Engineering?

In college, I worked for a Construction company doing data analysis and gradually transitioned into a more hands-on Construction Engineering role that involved AutoCAD, plan analysis and data crunching. I really liked the role and thought I wanted to work in that field, but I needed to finish my degree.

I was going into my junior year at UC Davis and by that point, to change my major to Engineering would have set me back two years and it wasn’t financially possible. So, I finished my degree in Communications and went back to my Construction Engineering job and learned as much as I could. I still had a desire to learn more about Engineering, specifically Software, and when my Aunt told me about Quality Assurance classes that I could take online and at the Junior College, I knew this was my opportunity.

So, I started taking a few courses and immediately loved it. I loved solving problems, optimizing queries, and learning the many ways (and opinions) to solve a problem.


Then you went into QA?

My first job after Construction Engineering was as a QA Engineer at a semiconductor company. QA is about testing existing and new functionalities of a product and maintaining a high level of quality prior to a public release, but I was itching for a more complex role. At the same time I was still taking classes in Software Engineering, like PHP, Javascript, and SQL. Luckily, I had a very supportive manager and I talked to him about my interest in Software Engineering and he let me build a simple database tool that the company would use internally. I immediately loved the challenge of building something from scratch and hearing what features people would like to have. It was overwhelming, but challenge accepted. So, on top of my QA responsibilities, my manager gave me projects and I kept learning on my own. I spent time after work and on weekends reading, practicing and building on learned skills in development. I loved the excitement that I got from building a simple tool, even if it was just for data management. That was the bug that bite me.

Then I moved to a startup company called Milyoni as a QA Engineer, but I kept taking classes in development and I kept building my own side apps to build up my knowledge. I had another great manager at Milyoni and we were small enough that I asked them to give me a project to work on and they were interested in seeing what I could do beyond QA.

My first project was rough, but my manager liked it and supported my efforts in learning and introduced me to Ruby on Rails. After six months, the company transitioned my role from QA to Software Engineer. This meant that I’d be doing full-time development while learning on the job. I remember one weekend I stayed up 48 hours straight working on a side app on Ruby on Rails just so I could better understand the language and I loved it.

Now, every morning I wake up and think about what project and problem I’m working on next. I think about the problems that I’ll be able to solve or how to make our platform perform better and that’s exciting to me. With Tout, there’s a vast variety of what you can do as a Software Engineer beyond writing code.


Why is problem solving so satisfying?

Every day I walk into work and know that it’s not going to be the same as yesterday, or the day before. The problem I’m solving today may be a continuation of yesterday’s problem or a completely new one – but it’s never the same exact problem. That is what’s so satisfying – I’m constantly learning and am never stuck doing the same thing day-in, day-out. I may solve a problem one way one day, sleep on it and come back with another solution that’s better. And beyond just solving that one issue, I think about how do we go above and beyond and do better for people. I don’t want to just solve this one problem and issue, I want to see how I can take it up another level and provide a better experience to our customers as well as help our Support team.


Does an Engineer need to have a degree in Computer Science?

At ToutApp, we all have different backgrounds and degrees ranging from Computer Science, Graphic Design and others who don’t have backgrounds remotely close to Computer Science. I don’t think that having a degree in Computer Science makes anyone an engineer, it’s a great way to get a foundational understanding, but it’s not the only way to learn. I think a great engineer is one who thrives in learning and solving problems, is humble in that there is so much breadth of knowledge in regard to Engineering and development, is self motivated and seeks to understand the ‘why’ behind a solution. Those attributes speak a lot more than degrees and length of experience.


How does the Engineering team work at ToutApp?

We have two different streams: Stability and Momentum. Stability focuses on the existing platform and issues affecting the now. We aren’t just putting band-aids in place, we are thinking about how this is afflicting the customer and what we can do to make sure this not only resolves the issue, but betters the overall functionality. We work really close with our Customer Success and Support teams and the glory is knowing that we are helping people now and improving the overall experience with Tout. Momentum focuses on new projects and features like Sales Beat.


Why did you decide to join ToutApp?

I decided to join ToutApp because of the people. The Engineering team is very collaborative and open to communication and new ideas. But there was a number of things that I found very exciting before I did the interview, like taking a tour of the platform and reading about current clients and their experience with the product. I was really excited to see some of the early ToutApp customers such as Optimizely and Mixpanel, some of which are companies that I knew or worked with at my last company. When I came in for my interview, the company was clearly energetic and the people I met were proud of their role at ToutApp. The enthusiasm and upbeat vibe was infectious.


What’s it like to work here?

People are enthusiastic and they are proud to work here. Since it’s a startup company, there’s a lot of things that you can take initiative on, figure out processes and help people do their job more efficiently.

On the Engineering team, we all like to drink scotch, play board games and talk technology. Then we’ll have an Engineering offsite where we’ll all get to know each other outside of the office and occasionally talk shop or really anything that comes to mind. I like that we all have different backgrounds because we each bring different experiences, opinions, and ideas to the table and effectively work together. I think having an open-mind, a proactive personality, and a self driven personality is beneficial in working at ToutApp.


What do you do to let off steam?

I love working out, being outdoors and playing sports. I joined a rec league with a few coworkers and occasionally spend weekends exploring the parks up north. I enjoy travelling, just got back from a trip to Norway and Denmark. I still feel like a tourist so I’m always up for exploring more of beautiful San Francisco.

Release Notes: Sync your Touted Emails with Salesforce API

This week, we’re happy to tell you about a new option for logging Touted emails in Salesforce. Previously, you had the option to use your Email to Salesforce BCC address to log emails – now, you also have the option to log emails to Salesforce using Salesforce’s API. This is ideal for teams who don’t have the option to choose their Email to Salesforce settings. This functionality is available for all paid ToutApp plans.

How does it work?

  1. The API will map Tout Salesforce settings directly over to your Salesforce BCC settings
  2. This configuration will mimic the Salesforce BCC and how it assigns emails to Lead and Contact records.

Using the API is easier to set up because you don’t have to configure advanced Email to Salesforce settings.

To turn it on, just complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Salesforce Configuration page in ToutApp
  2. Choose the option to “Log email activity to Salesforce via API”

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 3.47.30 PM

Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know.

Don’t Send Emails on Behalf of Sales

Often times marketing will send emails on behalf of sales. And that’s a disservice to the sales process. No one wants a sales email that’s disguised as a marketing email.

Marketing emails are designed to look attractive and eye-catching that promote your product, an upcoming event, popular posts on the company blog, etc. Marketing emails package information and wrap on-brand color bow around it and there’s usually little to no personalization within the body of the email. That doesn’t work for sales emails.

Sometimes in marketing automation, marketing will send sales emails for sales. Those emails, whether a salesperson is sending them or Marketing is sending them, they must look and feel like sales emails. Here’s what you need to do before you send your next sales email:

Send a Real Email

Sales is about building authentic relationships with prospects that rely on the exchange of knowledge, information and concerns. You need to show that you’re a human, not a sales bot. First step: make sure you’re sending emails from your email address. None of this and more of this

Sending a real email, from a real email address automatically gives your email a personal touch and sets the tone for the rest of your email. Using the appropriate language, like sales language, when sending sales emails is an easy way to show that you’re a human to your prospects.

Offer Valuable Information

Today, 65% of all email gets opened on a mobile device. To cut through the inbox noise, you have to make a great first impression and that starts with your subject line. Your subject line must offer something valuable right away. There are tools that will help you uncover the best performing subject lines and allow you to A/B test all within platform.

Then, you need to build on that momentum and continue to offer valuable information that keeps readers motivated to read the actual email. How do you do this? You hyper-personalize your email with a {{Hi First_Name}} and immediately get to the point and address their concerns or give them a unique industry perspective.

Keep It Simple

The body of your email must be hyper-personalized. In building on what we’ve learned above about offering valuable information, to take your emails to the next level – you have to keep them simple. Don’t overcomplicate it with too much jargon, too much text or too many links.

Often times marketing emails are too long, too broad and have too many ideas going on at once. Those emails confuse the reader. Instead, keep your emails focused on one topic with one blog article, research study or other hyper-relevant links. Why? Because it makes it easier on your prospects and it drives attention to your overall message.

Have One Call to Action

The point of any sales email is to offer a unique benefit, whether it’s a new way to look at a prospect’s industry or trial a new productivity platform. Keep your sales email to a singular CTA. And don’t be afraid to be upfront and honest about the next steps. If you want to schedule a call – ask. If you want them to download an eBook – provide the link. If you have a specific question to ask – ask them. Explicitly tell your prospect at the end of the email what their next steps are if they’re interested.

Partner with Marketing

Armed with these learnings, it’s not to say that sales and marketing can’t work together to create great sales emails. In fact, sales and marketing should world together on email templates that focus on the right messaging to connect with prospects.

Having marketing send your sales emails isn’t authentic. Often times they can do more harm than help the situation. But when sales and marketing collaborate, they can start effective conversations through emails.

Get More Information

Translating what works for marketing into sales strategy isn’t the answer. But, taking elements from marketing might be the silver bullet. If you want more information on how to write the best sales emails, read our eBook on the very subject:

How to Get Visibility Into Your Sales Team

Sales and Marketing could not be any different; whether it comes to personality, style, or even the way of thinking about a customer. Differences aside, it has been proven time and time again, that when two groups come together under a common goal — the results can be powerful.

Such is the case with sales and marketing. At the end of the day, both departments work toward a singular goal: revenue. And when they can learn to get visibility into each other’s work, the impact on revenue can be massive. In fact, the benefits of sales and marketing alignment can be as much as a 20% growth in revenue.

Top marketers are realizing the treasure trove that is sales data and are starting to factor it into some of their key decisions — specifically around content. Instead of creating content that only caters to the marketing funnel, 

Here’s what the newly aligned sales and marketing funnel will look like:

By following the outlined best practices, Marketing will gain visibility into their sales team and will become more effective marketers.

Step 1: Make Marketing Decisions Based on Sales Data

Sales has a lot of data. Whether it’s on competitors, deals they’ve closed or opportunities lost – that data is often housed within the sales team. But just because it’s housed there, it doesn’t mean it should stay there. Marketing can gain a ton of knowledge by looking at the treasure trove of data that sales accumulates.

The data sales has can give a marketer an incredible amount of visibility into what makes a customer buy, what makes them leave the funnel and what gets them stuck somewhere in the middle. If sales is moving towards a more consultative approach to the buyer’s journey, it’s a marketers job to arm them with the right content during every step.

Smart marketers need to keep a pulse on what’s happening across their Sales team. And sales needs a platform where they can easily share deal insights across their team and with Marketing.

We here at ToutApp have built an incredible foundation of tracking, templates and analytics. But it’s not just about giving sales the right productivity tools – it’s about taking data from those tools, identifying what’s working and sharing those insights with both Sales and Marketing. So everyone can stay in touch with your deals and data. With Sales Beat, it bubbles up the right insights from Tout Analytics so you can share it with your entire team.

Step 2: Join forces and build a plan of attack together for Prospecting

We’re seeing more and more dedicated prospecting teams across our customer base. In addition to the rise of SDR teams, we’re also seeing more of these teams report to sales directly instead of marketing.

Whether you have a dedicated prospecting team, or your salespeople do their own prospecting, there are a ton of ways marketing can help enable the prospecting process.

Studies show that 90% of B2B buyers are more likely to engage with a salesperson if they view them as a thought leader – so we need to make sure sales is armed to be that thought leaders instead of a run-of-the-mill rep. The key area where marketing can arm sales is by providing messaging (via bullet points), content and other collateral that help build awareness.

As we polled marketing and sales leaders, here’s a comprehensive list we’ve put together of the types of collateral you can develop for your prospecting reps to help drive awareness:

  1. Creating and curating content around why a topic (sales productivity, HR compliance, cloud storage, recruiting, etc.) matters to a prospect’s specific role or industry
  2. Buyer personas segment your audience and create stronger sales and marketing strategies. Buying behaviors are constantly changing – it’s important that you iterate on those changes so your reps stay current.
  3. Ebooks are a strategic opportunity to present resonating and engaging information to both prospects and customers.
  4. In the eyes of your prospects, Case Studies demonstrate success while focusing on an individual customer’s journey.
  5. Infographics: as salespeople are spending less time reading – they need something incredibly visual to get the intended point across.
  6. Videos, whether they’re customer testimonials or short product videos, demonstrate instant value and short yet effective enough to hold an attention span.
  7. Product Overview Sheet can be sent in the prospecting and post-discovery call sales scenario to quickly reinform prospects on your solution.
  8. A clear call-to-action on your website – make it so you have no other choice but to stop, notice and take immediate action.

Step 3: Help Sales Close Deals at the Final Stages with Content

Sales should never go into the pricing stage without an arsenal of marketing collateral. Up to this point in the funnel, the sales rep has been building trust with the prospect by sharing valuable high-level content. Now, at this crucial stage, the collateral needs to shift towards highlighting your products and why your product justifies the cost.

Sales needs marketing to achieve this. For many companies, this where they pull out all the stops and generate hyper specific content such as an in-depth blog articles, customer testimonials, interactive content and case studies.

Prospects want something tangible and visual. And they want it now. Sales needs to align themselves with the competitive positioning and collateral that challenges all other competitors in the space to close the deal.

So, what’s next?

Marketing needs to stop spending all their time with their heads in the top of the funnel. Instead, marketers and sales need to look at the entire sales funnel and integrate their forces to make the sales process more effective and data-driven. Both marketers and sales reps need to have their pulse on the entire sales funnel. It’s the only way to stay ahead of the game and get visibility into your team.

Release Notes: Push to Tout Enhancements

This week, we’re happy to tell you about a few improvements we’ve made to Tout, outside of brand new collaboration feature, Sales Beat. You can learn more about how Sales Beat drives sales collaboration, here.

As for additional improvements, we’ve updated the following:

  1. We have identified and fixed several edge cases with our Push to Tout functionality within Salesforce (which allows you to quickly import leads and contacts from SF to Tout in just three clicks)
  2. We have also identified and fixed several edge cases with scheduled emails in Gmail

Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know, here.