Take These Steps to be an Effective SDR

In June 2014, when Jack McNeilly joined the Take the Interview sales team he became the second person in a young, but growing team. Founded in 2012, the company’s sales organization–much like any startup’s sales organization–was a bootstrapped team. At the time, the Take the Interview sales team was a purely an outbound Sales Development prospecting team with 95% of their leads coming from the outbound channel.

Recruiting is a massive undertaking. Take the Interview employs digital interviewing to improve recruiting processes and outcomes. Before a company invests the time needed for an in-person session, with Take the Interview, the company has the opportunity to ask the candidate three to five questions–and get this–a candidate responds via video.

Jack knew he was going to be part of something big.

Back then, even though Take the Interview’s SDR team was a two-person operation, the daily output produced by Jack and his SDR colleague established the company’s pipeline and has seen it grown to a very healthy set of future partners.

Take the Interview had a great product, now they needed a strong sales force behind them to take it to the next level. For the company, the next level meant building a formal sales organization with a laser focused Ideal Customer Profile and a solid set of SDRs.

In the startup world, eight months ago can feel like four years–and that’s meant to be taken in the very best way. For Jack, he was an early moving part not only in the company, but in the processes and shaping of the future sales organization.

“In those early days, we were still figuring out our ICP. We set a wide net for our ideal customer and tested the waters across different industries, geographies and titles,” said Jack.

In evaluating and determining an ICP, the sales organization at Take the Interview deliberately sifted out only candidates that would have a keen interest in digitizing their interviewing process. For Jack and the Sales Development team, having an ICP made prospecting tangible and ensured that they had the same understanding on which types of specific prospects would find value in their product.

Armed with a bulletproof ICP, Jack was able to engage in the battle of reaching out to hundreds of prospects. With his list of leads, Jack took to LinkedIn and researched each prospect and skimmed for experiences, skills and interests. Then he took a bold leap and requested a connection.

Part two of Jack’s outbound prospecting strategy called for a 5×5 Campaign:

Email Message:

“I saw your experience on LinkedIn and wanted to reach out. I thought you’d be a great person to discuss your company’s interview process.

My company, Take the Interview, works with high-growth clients like Dropbox and Zappos to hire better talent faster using digital interviewing. I noticed your company has been growing quickly, so I thought a system to identify great talent and hire them ASAP might be a priority.

Would you be free next Thursday at 4 PM EST to chat?”

Jack found that if prospects are interested–they’ll respond right away. For the 150 recipients of the above email, Jack took a step back from the educational-advisor role and took a targeted approach. His brief and confident email paid off in his metrics:

Response Rate: 50%

Demo Rate: Over 10%

Sometimes you have to make eye-catching moves in order to connect with a prospect and get ahead of the game. For Jack, this worked.

Eight months later and hundreds of campaigns later, Jack continues to fine-tune Take the Interview’s prospect pool and is beginning to build the infrastructure for a larger SDR team. In the upcoming weeks, he envisions having a focus on high-level SDR strategy and training new reps.

Interested in following Jack’s lead? Jack offers up this piece of advice to new SDRs, “pick your own journey.”

Congrats to Jack for his nomination as a ToutApp SDR Hero! 

Meet the Info Wizards at NuORDER

We are well into the 21st century. Let’s leave the selling tactics that worked in the days of Mad Men behind us. For today’s game changers, they’re doing less of the in person handshake and more of the DocuSign handshake to close deals.

The way sales gets done has changed. Thus, in order to keep up, the entire industry is going through a much needed and deserved revolution. And that revolution starts with sales.

Every business, no matter what industry, strives for efficiency and revenue growth. This business value was no different for NuORDER, a B2B e-commerce platform that helps businesses increase their sales by connecting brands with buyers.

The B2B wholesale and e-commerce industry is a dated environment. Paper, pens and ink cartridges rule the world and Xerox paper jams slow down the sales process. This archaic process taxes on the entire sales cycle. For years, salespeople accepted this as their sales fate. Well, now you can throw out that process and start anew.

Let’s meet the Info Wizards, or the Sales Development Representative team, at NuORDER and see how they’re revolutionizing the e-commerce world.

The Chris’s wear wizard hats while they prospect. 

Seven months ago, the NuORDER sales team consisted of Account Executives, an AE Manager and Owais Farooqui, the Head of Sales Development and Marketing. Owais was tasked with customer acquisition across digital and offline channels such as SEM, SEO, Display, Re-Targetting, Social Media, Offline Events, etc. He was also tasked with assembling the first team of Info Wizards, or SDRs, at NuORDER.

“The old way of doing sales at NuORDER was that we had the sales team conduct the whole sales cycle from prospecting, qualification, nurturing and closing,” said Owais. “We realized that wasn’t the best way of doing sales. So, we started the Sales Development team.”

When NuORDER first emerged into the B2B e-commerce space, the company put a laser focus on one vertical: fashion. As the company quickly dominated the fashion vertical, it was only a matter of time before the sales team would move into other verticals as well.

Thus, a Sales Development team that’s solely responsible for prospecting into new verticals and scheduling demos for their AE counterparts was formed.

Meet Rachel, Info Wizard Extraordinaire!

With this segmentation of the NuORDER sales team, SDRs specialize in prospecting, while AEs specialize in nurturing and closing deals.

Prospecting, for an SDR, means researching leads, making phone calls and sending out emails to their list of accounts in their particular vertical. An exceptional SDR isn’t afraid of anything. They’re a go-getter and a self-starter and are able to think outside the box, because at NuORDER they’re Info Wizards.

That said, the ramp time for a new rep is a quick two week period.

“The first two weeks are training on the product, processes, content and role play. Then, we throw them in the fire and they’re off,” said Owais. “The goal is to get one outbound demo a day.”

The sales floor at NuORDER, especially the SDR space is insane–in a good way. The energy in the room is electric, every rep is pumped up. Sometimes, they shoot Nerf guns at each other to let loose. Each SDR on the team wants the same thing: company and personal growth.

It’s definitely a no-excuses, energetic attitude.

Wouldn’t mind prospecting on this roof deck.

As their manager, Owais often thinks about how he can be the best manager for his team. If an SDR were to be promoted next week, Owais would like that SDRs LinkedIn Experiences to include the following:

  • Learned to be creative and entrepreneurial: able to help build a business or a new division of the company by being resourceful in prospecting and connecting with people to show the NuORDER value proposition
  • Implemented processes and persistent in content delivery through multiple channels (Tout, email, phone text messaging, social media)
  • Data-driven: able to analyze open rates, click rates, demo rates and understand how they’ve contributed to building a business and adding X% of revenue

Above all, Owais loves being able to see his team grow–whether in size or in upward mobility within the larger NuORDER sales organization. Just last week, the NuORDER Info Wizard team doubled in size from five to ten reps. Now that’s true wizardry.

Photos Courtesy of Owais Farooqui

ToutApp Hero: 426 Days as an SDR

“Do you have a quick minute?” Mike asked.

“No, I don’t. I’m about to run into a meeting. But… why are you calling?” Steve inquired.

“I just sent you an email about three HR communication challenges in health system’s like yours,” Mike replied.

“I did see that email – it caught my attention due to an organizational change we need to communicate.” Steve responded.

Before heading out to lunch, Mike Fidler sent an email with the subject line “Top 3 HR Communication Challenges Within the Healthcare Industry” to hundreds of HR leaders in the healthcare industry. Upon his return, Mike checked his Live Feed. Steve, an employee benefits director, had opened the email.

Steve not only opened the email, he clicked on a link in the email and forwarded it along to several colleagues. From this invaluable insight, Mike knew to call.

Mike starts off every day with at least three cups of coffee and noise-canceling headphones that blasts “Levels 2” by Avicii. With caffeine pumping through his bloodstream and a list of Human Resources executives in Salesforce, he’s ready to tackle his days as a Sales Development Representative (SDR). He’s ready to call, pitch and to meet his quota of booking at least two meetings today.

As an SDR at GuideSpark, a leading company that’s transforming HR Communications from traditional and dry methods to engaging digital video and media experiences, the task of outbound prospecting can be endless.

As a sales organization, GuideSpark has a reputation in the Silicon Valley for being an outbound focused team. And even though their touted as being a leading outbound focused team, they still face the challenge that there are only X amount of calls an SDR can make in a day.

Even Mike’s 100+ calls a day won’t touch thousands of contacts consistently. That’s the challenge that the SDR team at GuideSpark welcomes everyday. For Mike, this outbound challenge is what makes being an SDR at GuideSpark so satisfying.

Mike had to adopt a strategy. It’s a simple one and it works: be personal with prospects, be ready to boil down your sales pitch into twenty seconds and find a way to stay in front of thousands of people.

He developed a simplified outbound prospecting strategy that was twofold:

  1. Define the buyer persona of his targeted prospects and
  2. Figure out the best way to conduct outreach to those prospects.

Outside of 100+ calls a day, Mike created specific email templates with ToutApp about GuideSpark’s solution which made it easier to send out emails to many contacts throughout the week.

However, six months into the SDR role, Mike knew he could do better at scaling his outreach efforts to consistently reach his prospects, in a way that’s more creatively tailored to each prospect by using ToutApp more effectively. He wanted to do a kick-ass job.

“At the time, I had a territory that had over 1,000 enterprise accounts with over 10,000 contacts. I was trying to wrap my head around how to break down that number,” said Mike.

His biggest challenge: how to reach them all, without emailing the same repetitive message about XYZ company’s solution.

There had to be a more effective way.

He began reading the influential sales book The Challenger Sale and learned about how to lead messaging with industry insight that educates prospects, and reframes the way they think about their business. He wanted not only to address the challenges that his prospects were facing, but he wanted to leverage the opportunity to educate prospects on the value of GuideSpark.

It clicked at a dinner one night in Santana Row in San Jose, CA, when Mike learned about the 5×5 Method from Andrew Riesenfeld, his new Vice President of West Coast Sales at GuideSpark and Daniel Barber, the Director of Sales and Development at ToutApp.

Mike knew that with outbound prospecting, it takes an average of seven emails and calls just to get a response from a prospect. Multiply that process by thousands of prospects—that’s a lot of emails, calls and voicemails.

The 5×5 Method streamlines this process. It functions as a Sales Drip Campaign with five email touches spaced out between five days, weeks or months. That way, a sales rep can keep in touch via email with a prospect consistently.

Immediately sold on the method, Mike said, “For the next few weeks, I was working on creating multiple templates that could be tailored by ToutApp’s dynamic fields to address different buyers goals, problems and needs. I worked out best practices on how to organize my 10,000+ contacts into profiled groups and get them into a 5×5 campaign.”

He created a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet that planned his outreach to these different groups of prospects within ToutApp, down to the group, email, and day. Each buyer persona had a specific, correlating 5×5 campaign based on their goals, problems and needs (or GPN’s).

The first email had the subject line, “3 Top HR Communication Challenges in the {{Dynamic Field}} Industry”

The second email, sent out eight day later was

Subject: “Mobile Phones… Employee Distraction or HR Communication tool?”

Body Excerpt: “People check their phones 150 times a day on average at work. Most managers view this as a distraction. Your peers at {{Company A, B, C}} view it as a way to communicate with and engage employees on their own terms.”

The entire SDR and Sales team at GuideSpark found that sending GuideSpark specific information in every email wasn’t the best way to connect with prospects. Instead, the company found that sending out pieces of valuable content with industry insight or best practices allowed for GuideSpark to be viewed as an industry thought leader – and not just another salesperson cold emailing.

Tangible and thought provoking emails are going to set your emails apart from the hundreds of other emails your prospect gets in a given day. Mike knew this. And he crafted a 5×5 campaign that was industry and role specific, and scalable across all his prospects.

A relevant, insightful and thought provoking message was why Steve opened Mike’s email.

After Mike got Steve on the phone, what initially started as a quick minute call turned into a ten minute call. The two talked about Steve’s organizational changes, changes to their health benefits programs and how tough it had been to create an internal digital communications strategy. Mike never mentioned GuideSpark. Instead, Mike was a consultant for Steve and offered insight on how to work through those company challenges.

But, one of the most valuable sales tactics that Mike learned as an SDR was boiling down his sales pitch to what will resonate with that specific person. At the very end of the call, Mike pitched GuideSpark in ten seconds based on the information Steve gave him. Mike booked a meeting with Steve.

As of today, based on his efforts as an SDR, Mike has since been promoted to an Account Executive at GuideSpark. He still practices the 5×5 method.

Thanks to  Jon Pairsi and Andrew Riesenfeld at GuideSpark at nominating Mike Fidler as a ToutApp Hero. 

User of the Week: An SDR’s Prospecting Tricks!

Chris Reaby, from Oracle | Responsys

1. What’s your company/role?

I work at Oracle | Responsys as a Sales Development Representative selling the Oracle Marketing Cloud. I’m responsible for outbound lead generation which involves sending nifty emails, new business development, and warm calls!

2. Why do you love ToutApp? How do you use it for your job?

  • Tracking: Definitely my favourite feature. I am able to lead with insight, then prioritize follow up with my prospects based on their engagement or lack of.
  • Attachment Tracking: This is my second favourite feature, and is similar to the first, but it definitely deserves its own bullet point. I’m able to upload case studies, content and reports and attach them as a linked-pdf to my emails. From here, I can see what pages my prospects viewed, what pages they spent the most time on – another tool in the toolbox!
  • Relationship: The easy import feature in ToutApp, makes it extremely simple to batch upload contacts, with personalized fields.
  • Efficiencies: I have a template with personalised fields for every occasion – whether it is, InMail Follow Up with No Response, Relevant Content with a Call-To-Action – I’ve even tested subject lines within ToutApp (practicing what I preach & sell!)

3. Why Tout vs. other sales tools in the market?

Honestly, I wasn’t involved in the decision to use ToutApp, but what I can share is that I have been impressed with the customer service. If I have a query, question or issue, I hear from a Happiness Office within 12-24 hours.

4. What was your journey into sales?

Awesome Question! I started my journey in the workforce, at IBM where I did a 4-year internship, studying Business and Information Systems at RMIT University, as well as a few tech courses like Cisco Certified Networking Associates (CCNA). I was a Software Asset Manager, surrounded by a great group of people who were vested in my success. I got the opportunity to attend a few sales meetings with software vendors – which I loved!

After 5.5 years, I made the switch to Microsoft as a Software Engagement Manager, which was predominantly a customer facing role with back office work – again, fuelling my desire to move into a sales role. I took a step sideward in my career, and joined the Victorian Government, which was a great role working with all government agencies, but it just wasn’t for me …. I decided that I had to get into a sales role …… and here I am, Sales Development Rep at Oracle | Responsys– I couldn’t be happier!

5. What’s one of your favorite sales tricks?

One of my favourite, yet simple tricks, is a very simple outreach strategy (which I’m still perfecting –5 months into my role)!

Research your prospect (company + employee), just to name a few:
a. LinkedIn (common connection, companies followed, people followed)
b. Facebook (look for common ground, i.e. restaurants, retail brands etc.)
c. Google Search (in particular recent news articles)
d. CRM tool

It’s important, to ensure you establish an outreach routine to ensure continuity in your follow-ups. Creating tasks in your CRM tool acts as a friendly reminder every morning. A task is created for a reason; so don’t weasel your way out.

In my experience, if a prospect I’m dealing with likes a particular retail brand on Facebook that happens to be a customer of ours – I’ll be sure to mention the success they have seen since making the shift to the Oracle Marketing Cloud! Also, using ToutApp on all email is a must.

6. Favorite email you’ve ever received?

A favourite email I received was a boomerang (appropriate given I’m an Aussie). I sent an email to a prospect; it then made its way to a competitor – the competitor then wrote a message back to me!

**Congrats to Chris + Responsys for winning this week! We couldn’t be happier to have you on board with ToutApp. If you’re interested in being the next featured superstar, please apply here. **

User of the Week: How ServiceRocket keeps things from falling through the cracks

Name: Kendall Beckelhymer
Company: ServiceRocket
Position: Sales Manager

1. What’s your company/role?

I manage the Inbound/Outbound Sales Team at ServiceRocket. ServiceRocket helps software companies increase adoption, growth, and overall customer success by building their training businesses and 24×7 support offerings.

2. Why do you love ToutApp? How do you use it for your job?

  • My email activities are automatically logged into Salesforce so I don’t have to add information in two places.
  • I love the “Push to Tout” option from Salesforce, it allows me to quickly create groups and reach out to several people at once in a personalized email. I can also track who is most the engaged of those groups which helps to prioritize follow-ups.
  • Templates are great, you can share and collaborate with your team and easily tweak things to make them more effective!

3. Why Tout vs. other sales tools in the market?

Much of my communication is done via email, as someone that’s constantly in my inbox it’s great to have an integrated tool that reminds me about follow up actions and even does them for me so I don’t let things slip through the cracks.

It’s also integrated with Salesforce and very easy to use so new reps are able to hit the ground running and already have a toolkit that sets them up for success.

4. What was your journey into sales?

I never really intended to get into sales but when I graduated from college I started my career working for Enterprise Rent-a-Car (that’s right, we’ll pick you up).

From there, I continued to discover opportunities in sales. I took a small hiatus as an English Teacher in Buenos Aires and upon my return started at ServiceRocket, coincidentally not in sales. However, I continued to find myself volunteering to help out with sales and customer support and eventually my role evolved into the position I hold today. I love being the forefront person for my customers and helping them find solutions to some very important problems in the SaaS space. I’m also able to mentor my team, many of whom are just starting out, which is something I’ve been fortunate to have in my career, so it’s great to be able to give that back to them.

5. What’s one of your favorite sales tricks?

I genuinely love what I do and want to help people. I think that passion comes through and in turn leads to closing deals (sorry to get cheesy).

Also, I think a trick that I use often to get more face time is picking one day of the week to do all of my in-person meetings and stacking them up.  When I reach out to customers/potential customers they are always more inclined to book the time when they know I’ll be in their area.

6. Favorite email you’ve ever received?

Any time I receive an email with positive feedback about my team I’m very excited!

**Congrats to Kendall + ServiceRocket for winning this week! We couldn’t be happier to have you on board with ToutApp. If you’re interested in being the next featured superstar, please apply here. **

User of the Week: How our tool Niko helps with Prospecting

Name: Zarah Trinh

Company: UserTesting

Position: Biz Dev

1. What’s your company/role?

I do Enterprise Business Development at UserTesting.com. We provide an automated recruited and on-demand testing platform for companies in need of rapid, data oriented research.

Through our Customer Experience Analytics and benchmarking metrics, enterprise teams can FINALLY synthesize both qualitative and quantitative data into a digestible findings report, aligning multiple team initiatives (product, marketing, UX/ design, engineering, etc.) with overall business objectives and revenue goals.

2. Why do you love ToutApp? How do you use it for your job?

  • Sales productivity – Salesforce integration and the “Niko” bubble that makes it easy to input data into Salesforce (from any site) when I’m prospecting
  • Sales Effectiveness – I love the ability to schedule follow up reminders w/prospects, add notes as to how I should follow up in the reminder.. and not just for emails, I can setup reminders for phone calls as well
  • Sales Visibility – The ability to track and see when and if the email is opened and if they’re clicking on certain links in the email

More info on Niko:

Niko is one of our newest feature that bridges the gap between browsing the web and Salesforce. Have you ever scouted LinkedIn for a potential prospect and found a winner? Instead of manually copying information, opening a new tab to SFDC, and creating a lead….CLICK NIKO!

As you browse the web, Toutapp will pull in these respective email addresses and allow you to easily add this contact into Salesforce.

Niko’s a great tool to utilize from either Gmail or Linkedin, without ever having to page back and forth from Salesforce.

3. Why Tout vs. other sales tools in the market?

It’s so easy, integrates with our email and Salesforce, and “Niko” makes it easy for me to access analytics on a prospect and set up reminders on ANY site.

4. What was your journey into sales?

I moved to San Francisco from Alabama for the opportunity to work with talented, ambitious and hungry young professionals like myself. In my first job position after college, I built out a pre-sales position, which we called the “sales consultant” to assist a team of 24 reps on key accounts. I was a part of the first strategically closed enterprise account at that company (Comcast) and brought in a portfolio of other logos, including Yelp, Spotify and Web.com.

…. and I haven’t looked back since :)

5. What’s one of your favorite sales tricks?

My favorite trick is to ask questions I already know the answer to….For example, I sent out a proposal using ToutApp, and even though I knew the email wasn’t opened, I called the prospect to “make sure she got the email.”

.. Or when they say they’re not interested & 10 views later you reach out to call their bluff.

It works every time!

6. Favorite email you’ve ever received?

I reached out to a prospect who declined my Linkedin InMail. Two days later, she sent me an email and wanted a demo, then proceeded to tell me she had no budget and couldn’t commit to any sort of subscription. Three weeks and probably 20 tout emails later, the deal closed, AND she committed to an annual plan!

My favorite emails are the salty ones…. because they always end up sweet (if you use the analytics to your advantage)! ;-D

**Congrats to Zarah + UserTesting for winning this week! We couldn’t be happier to have you on board with ToutApp. If you’re interested in being the next featured superstar, please apply here. **

User of the Week: How the Funniest Biz Dev Exec Gets Outbound Leads

Name: Sean Kester

Company: SalesLoft

Position: Outbound Business Development Executive

1. What’s your company/role?

My job as the Outbound Business Development Exec is to use our tool to prospect 50 new leads per day. I then import them into my CRM, push them to Toutapp, and start a 7 day cadence of emails and phone calls (touches) with the end goal being to schedule a demo.

SalesLoft is the simplest way on the internet to build the most accurate and targeted lists of leads. LinkedIn has over 260 million professional profiles and SalesLoft is the simplest way to find and capture this information…grabbing primary contact information, appending phone and email addresses, and injecting into your sales and marketing process.

2. Why do you love ToutApp? How do you use it for your job?

  • I have smart dynamic templates for every email occasion (First email, followup, breakup email, etc.)
  • Tracking clicks and views, and in turn, turning a cold call into a warm call when I dial.
  • The reminders located on top of emails help make sure I never let anything slip through the cracks.
  • During my cadence I use Tout to call from Google Voice. It then logs the call in my CRM and adds any notes I have taken from the call.
  • Once I have used SalesLoft to find my ideal customer profile I mass load them into my CRM as a lead, push the list to Tout, and can start my process seamlessly and flawlessly.
  • SalesLoft and Tout are honestly a fairy tail power couple.

3. Why Tout vs. other sales tools in the market?

I was given the responsibility to find an email tool for the BDR team to use at SalesLoft. I found that Toutapp has the best:  UI, customer service, integration with my CRM, and most refined features.

New members of the team can easily start using it efficiently with little to no ramp up time. Tout helps give users greater insight into the prospecting process helping to create more conversations and schedule more demos.

4. What was your journey into sales? “If at first you don’t succeed…”

My Background: I graduated from the University of Georgia “Go Dawgs” in 2012 and moved to Atlanta to find a job in sales. I met Kyle Porter, CEO, and interviewed for the first Sales Exec role at SalesLoft. I instantly fell in love with the company culture, product, and people who surrounded the Atlanta Startup community.

The Kicker: Kyle turned me down for the job due to lack of experience. He did say he would pull me out of where I was 6 months down the road… Heard that one before.

The Win: Well, in January of this year he called me up from the minors to be the first BDR at SalesLoft. I started as the first inbound rep and then moved to outbound. Within the next month I will start closing deals and I am loving every minute of it. Since January we have tripled in size and have no signs of slowing down.

5. What’s one of your favorite sales tricks?

Add as much humor into your emails as you can while still staying professional. If you can make someone laugh and show value you will win their attention.

When a prospect has not answered me over a 7day/7touch period, I send them an email with the last line asking if they are unresponsive because they are being chased by a hippo and add a picture of a man being chased by a hippo. 60% of the time I get a response every time.

6. Favorite email you’ve ever received?

Any email with humor.


Last week I sent out a cold email to a new prospect asking for a conversation about lead generation.

His response, “That depends, do you still have a mustache?” (which I do)

Needless to say I not only booked the demo but the deal closed as well. An email with humor coupled with the ability to show value sets the stage for quality dialogue.

**Congrats to Sean + SalesLoft for winning this week and making us laugh! We couldn’t be happier to have you on board with ToutApp. If you’re interested in being the next featured superstar, please apply here. **

User of the Week: How the VP of Sales from Zenefits uses ToutApp

User of the Week: Sam Blond

Company: Zenefits

1. What’s your company/role?

I’m the VP of Sales at Zenefits. We manage your benefits, payroll, and HR – so you don’t have to. No more paperwork. No more headaches. It’s all done online and completely paperless.

Best of all, we do this for free.

2. Why do you love ToutApp? How do you use it for your job?

  1. Email templates are great for mind share and training new reps.
  2. Saves us a ton of time – we have templates for every step of the sales cycle:
    – Post demo
    – Follow up
    – Non-responsive prospect
    – As soon as they sign up, etc.
  3. Reps love having visibility into whether their emails are being viewed and how often

3. Why Tout vs. other sales tools in the market?

It’s easy to implement, lots of functionality, and my reps love it!

There is very little business interruption for the value the technology adds. When we have new hires it takes us hours to train them on other tools (ie SalesForce), but just a few minutes on Tout.

4. What was your journey into sales? How do you go from an SDR to VP?

I moved to SF after college. I started as an SDR at EchoSign and was with that company for 6 years until I joined Zenefits.

I found a career that’s a really great fit for me. I love sales, and I love technology. I also got a bit lucky in selecting a company that grew very quickly and allowed me to move up with the company as we grew. I was an SDR for about 6 mos at Echosign, and then was able to convince my CEO to let me close. After being in a closing role for a couple of years, I got into management when the opportunity presented itself.

*Hard work and having the patience to grow within a company pays off! We love this “work your way up” story!

5. What’s one of your favorite sales tricks?

If someone is non-responsive to emails or phone calls, send them a calendar invite. They reply every time.

*ToutApp thinks this is an amazing idea! Of course, don’t use this trick with every prospect. But, if there is some back and forth and a client goes dark, try the calendar invite trick!

6. Favorite email you’ve ever received?

Any email telling me I won a huge deal!

**Congrats to Sam + Zenefits for winning this week! We couldn’t be happier to have you on board with ToutApp. If you’re interested in being the next featured superstar, please apply here. **

User of the Week: How Client Management Teams Work with ToutApp

User of the Week: Dana Bakich

Company: Omnigon

1. What’s your company/role?

I work on the client management team at Omnigon. We’re a digital consultancy that conceptualizes, designs, develops and delivers digital solutions for sports, media and entertainment companies.

2. Why do you love ToutApp? How do you use it for your job?

  1. Easy to use interface
  2. Integration with Salesforce
  3. Analytics to gauge the success of each template

We use ToutApp’s tight integration with Salesforce to reach out to potential new leads and track that relationship.

3. Why Tout vs. other sales tools in the market?

The ability to add groups, customize templates and track the success of those templates was key.

4. What was your journey into sales?

My two passions have always been sports and non-profit work. In Florida, I started my career in non-profit working closely with sponsors and managing campaigns/events throughout the year. When I moved to New York City, I decided to focus on the sports space and was lucky to find a job working with some of the biggest brands in the business (PGA Tour, NASCAR, Fox Sports, WWE, etc.)

My role at Omnigon is split between managing accounts and creating new relationships/ opportunities. It’s great to be a part of the entire process – from the pitch to the finished product.

5. What’s one of your favorite sales tricks?

It’s simple but successful:

LinkedIn is one of my favorite resources. If you can find a way to connect with someone, there’s a greater chance to start building that relationship. You’ll want to make sure that you adjust the connecting message to something more personal. This will show you have a legitimate reason to be reaching out.

6. Favorite email you’ve ever received?

Always the ones that begin with…”We’d like to partner with Omnigon on…” :)

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User of the Week: LaunchBit teaches us how to write cold emails!

User of the Week: Elizabeth Yin

Company: LaunchBit

1. What’s your company/role?

I’m the CEO and a co-founder of LaunchBit. We’re a customer acquisition platform for SaaS companies. I wear multiple hats on the business side: sales, business development, marketing, customer support, and customer development.

2. Why do you love ToutApp? How do you use it for your job?

How I use Toutapp has evolved over the last couple of years. I started using it because copy/paste in Gmail would make the format not cohesive and people could tell I was copy/pasting. Now it’s evolved for the various functions I have as CEO:
-Fundraising (when we were first starting)
-Helping friends with intros to multiple people using the same pitch
-Templated responses to common questions (customer service and alike)

3. Why Tout vs. other sales tools in the market?

I use Tout, because it connects with Google Apps (which powers our email at LaunchBit). With one click of a button, I can send out templates, and those buttons are right within my inbox. Very convenient and fits my workflow.

4. What was your journey into sales?

I don’t have a sales background — it was more out of necessity. When you have your own business, sales is one of the best ways to get customer feedback. You learn a lot about customer problems, whether you’re solving those problems, and how you can improve.

*5. What’s one of your favorite sales tricks?

I’ve gotten pretty good at cold-emailing — I can typically get between a 20-30% response rate. My cold-emails all have similar formats and are around 3-4 sentences. If you put these sentences into templates and use dynamic fields, you’ll be set!

-Sentence 1: Build rapport (“Great to meet you at xyz event.” Or “I’m a fellow xyz alum.” Or “I enjoyed reading your post on abc”)
-Sentence 2: Explain how you can help the other person (“I’ve invented widget abc which I think can improve your company’s efficiency by 200%.” Or “I run an abc company and think we can improve your ROI.”)
-Sentence 3: Add social proof (“We work with abc, def, and ghi companies and help them with their qrs.”)
-Sentence 4: Call to action (“What is the best way to talk for 20 minutes by phone?” Or “Who is the best person to speak with at your company for 20 minutes?”)

Writing short emails like this gets to the point, whets the recipient’s appetite to take your call, and is easily readable and actionable by mobile.

Here’s a full post I’ve written on this: http://hippoland.tumblr.com/post/47116935549/how-to-write-a-cold-email

6. Favorite email you’ve ever received?

I was stoked to get my first investor commit for LaunchBit over a 10 min email exchange!

**Congrats to Elizabeth + LaunchBit for winning this week! We couldn’t be happier to have you on board with ToutApp. If you’re interested in being the next featured superstar, please apply here. **